It’s not like frying chicken…

If blogging were like frying chicken…well I’d be pretty darn good at it. But, well, it’s nothing like that. 

You see frying chicken is the same no matter where you go – chicken, flour, oil, heat, you got fried chicken. Blogging, now it varies – you got fonts, photos, posts, multiple locations to host your blog, account options, excerpts, captions, photo uploading…shew, there’s lots of ingredients. But I’m going to tackle this like I would any new recipe and go one step at a time. 

I am a Georgia native, and happy to be back home after a quick few years in Nashville. I have been in Automotive Advertising for a decade, but followed my husband, an Army Ranger, back home to Georgia where I am now a stay-at-home-wife. 

My goal with this blog is to meet new people, learn more about cooking/photography/gardening/and anything else that may tickle my fancy. 

But most importantly, it’s to keep my brain from going too mushy after all the vodka I’ve been drinking, errrrr, laundry I’ve been folding. So I hope you will stick around a while, I plan to add recipes and photos along with daily accounts of life in the North Georgia mountains. 

Along the way, you’ll surely meet my dogs – Nash the Blue Heeler and Nigel the mini-weinie. 


And I’ll share lots of bad photos of myself and others… 

What am I doing with my hand? An unfortunate photo of me...sigh

And we’ll all become great internet buddies forever and ever. The End.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not like frying chicken…

  1. Your husband is an Army Ranger?! Very cool. My oldest son (prom boy) is very interested in the military (even though we have no real military background in our families). He is going to be attending the summer seminars in a few weeks at West Point and then off to the Air Force Academy. I’m a little freaked out!!
    I look forward to following your blogging adventure.
    Lynell @ Just Two Farm Kids

    • Wow, West Point or AFA…both very impressive opportunities. I understand freaking out…I freak out everytime I take the time to think about it. But seeing the pride in my hubby every step of the way makes it all worthwhile.

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