I love fresh produce

I took these photos at a farmer’s market in Vancouver.¬†I wish there was such a thing as scratch and sniff photos, because these peaches smelled amazing. This photo makes me think of one of my favorite salads with peaches and mint and goat cheese, and it makes me think of summer.

This next one – cantaloupe, Honeydew, Apricots and Nectarines. Just calling out to be a fruit salad don’t you think? maybe a stone fruit galette¬†with a melon confit? Nectarines always make me think of a summer I spent in Europe. I bought a nectarine from a street vendor in Munich, the juices ran down my arm as I ate it in the middle of a square. I washed my hands later in a fountain.

And plums…add them to the galette. Makes me think of my backyard when I was a kid. There was a plum-tree in the backyard, it may have actually been on the neighbors property…I remember eating them way too early and they would be bitter and hard. But I felt like such an outdoor adventurer. Then we would pull the stems from honeysuckles to wash down the bitter plum.

And then there are these gorgeous peppers. Bright, cheerful, I would have a hard time cutting these up. I would want to enjoy them for days in a pretty bowl in the center of my kitchen table.

I am not sure why food evokes such emotion in me. I think it is beautiful and exciting. Each of these photos makes me feel the warmth of summer, gets me excited about my garden and hopeful for a plentiful bounty. I love going to the farmer’s market to see the fruits of the farmer’s labor displayed in simple wooden and cardboard crates. And I love these photos… they make me happy. I hope they make you happy too…

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