Nash the Heeler

Have you ever heard of an Australian Blue Heeler? I’ve heard many people call them simply “Cattle Dogs”. What I have learned about the breed over the past couple of years is that they are fairly hyper-active, they are protective of their herd (their herd can be defined as their own pack, the family with whom they live, or the herd of cattle they may be employed to round-up) and they are very intelligent.

Well, my loving husband went bear hunting with a few Blue Heelers several years ago and absolutely fell in love with them. He claimed them to be a rugged breed, great hunters, a breed that would protect their master at all cost. He believed these dogs to be wise, smarter than any other breed he had ever encountered.

It was with this grand description and extremely high expectations that I located a breeder in Illinois to find the perfect specimen for my husband. Upon his return from a 15 month tour in Iraq, I surprised him with the announcement that we would be adding to our family. Our mini-wienie would be getting a little brother! And with that…Nash became our beloved pet.

Soon after his introduction into our family, my husband learned that his wife would not only love this creature, but she would pretty take over the place as his master. She feeds him so many treats that, and I quote, “That dog aint never gonna hunt if you keep feedin’ him treats!”. Ummmmm, ooops.

But c’mon…could you resist this face? Me either!!! And then my husband, the rough tough hunter dude…yeah…he gave in too. And now he feeds him off his plate, gives him bowls of homemade chicken and rice, and my husband would never dream of making a trip to the grocery without coming home with treats for the dogs.

So with that cute little face, and a bark that is entirely too loud for an inside dog, not to mention claws that shred anything they touch…I have successfully de-toughened a breed that is supposed to be the toughest of them all. He is bathed with lemongrass shampoo and eats breath freshening treats, he sleeps on fleece blankets and gets fresh water daily (with 3 ice cubes…he likes to fish them out of the bowl). But he does have 2 VERY important jobs!!!!

He chases balls.

And he protects the blind wiener dog. Nash has two big jobs, and he takes them very seriously. But most of all…he’s here for his mommy to love him.

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