Love/Hate relationship with photos

I hate, loathe, detest, abhor having my photo taken. What this results in is photos of me hiding myself, making stupid faces at the photographer, basically worse photos than if I would just simmer down and just smile. UGH. But how can I relax when this is the most horrible thing one can do to me? So of course this means that my husband now makes it his favorite past time to find me unsuspecting and vulnerable, and he snaps a despicable image of me that I usually delete as quickly as possible and thank the photography gods for digital photos instead of film that lasts forever.

Well…I thought I’d share some of the most horrid images my husband has captured. While they make me cringe, perhaps it will be entertaining for others. I am sure many of you can relate to this form of torture and I would love to hear from you, maybe even see some of your most memorable “horrid” photos.

“Do NOT take my picture! I’m in my nightgown! STOP!”

“Seriously? My hair! Please don’t…”

“I just want to take a nap while Nigel licks my feet, please don’t take that photo…”

“Hey Babe, why are your eyes so sleepy? Oh, it’s 4am? You’re on your way to work? How do you like having your picture taken when you’re sleepy? Unsuspecting? Ill prepared?” Heh heh heh, pay backs are fun.

I love taking photos of others, I just wish the camera wasn’t turned on me. I took this photo of Nigel the wiener dog after I folded laundry and I thought he was probably thinking, “Oh mom, I need a bath. I’m surrounded by chaos and I probably look fat. Please don’t take my picture.” But alas…

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One thought on “Love/Hate relationship with photos

  1. Kelli on said:

    I want a puppy who will lick my feet when I am trying to nap!

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