Here’s the McDealio

My sweet, dear husband had surgery this morning. Oh don’t worry, nothing too major…he just had his wisdom teeth removed. Oh how I wish I could post a photo of his swollen chipmunk cheeks, or a recording of him trying to talk. It sounded something like, “Aaaa chan noth thalk. Chan you unnndersthandth me?”. I assured him that I could understand him, then I realize out of the corner of my eye that he is dialing his phone.

“Who you callin’?”


“No no, let’s not call work right now. I doubt they can understand you over the phone.”

“Baught, I ned thoo thalk thoo thoo thoo…zzzzzz.”

I managed to hang up his phone and keep him from making random calls until we returned home. This is where things got dicey. The dogs were excited to see us, as much as I tried to keep them down they wanted to love on their daddy. And he really wanted to love on them, although he had no sense of balance or recognition of reality that he needed to lay down quickly. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing that I anticipated this and worked out for weeks prior to the surgery.

Okay, that’s a lie, I didn’t work out.

But I’m naturally strong.

Okay, that’s a lie too…I let him fall against the wall and luckily he stayed upright.

I then ran around getting his ice, pillow, blanket…then hysterically realized that Nigel the wiener dog was standing on my husband’s chest, licking his open mouth as he snored. Life is glamorous isn’t it? And thomethimes it ith altho weery funny.

Finally I ran out to fill his prescriptions, this is when I realized that I was starving. I thought McD’s was the perfect solution. OH, and maybe hubby will like a Caramel Frappe’! First of all, my stomach is hurting from my cheeseburger/frappe’ lunch. Second, watching a man with numb lips and jaw who is not allowed to use straws due to his tooth extraction, attempt to eat a whip cream covered coffee drink is pretty darn hilarious. He did stick his tongue in it a few times before saying, “I canth thdrink thith zzzzzzz.” It’s in the freezer for later.

And that’s the McDealio for the day.  – L&V

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