Mother’s Day Humor

My girlfriend Carla and I have been friends for over a decade. We were once neighbors, began playing tennis together and have been friends and tennis partners ever since.

She and I are of similar stature…meaning we are um, well, hmmm, not petite. We laugh as we show up to our matches and our opponents are 10 years our junior, wearing size 4 cute little tennis dresses and shiny little pink tennis shoes. And here we are in our 2X tennis skirts and shoes with the rubber worn off from playing in them probably 4 months too long. We assume their thoughts as they see us for the first time are, “They should be easy to beat!”

Well we do pretty well together. We’ve played together for so many years that we know each other’s play habits as if they were our own. And it is pretty fun to win against those little size 4’s. (No offense to my petite friends, I’m just envious is all).

Besides tennis, Carla is a dear friend. I’ve held all 3 of her babies when they were fresh home from the hospital. Watched as her oldest son’s hair has grown into beautiful curls, her middle son is a quiet young man and I predict he’ll be a heart-breaker, and the youngest is a vivacious little girl full of giggles. A beautiful family. And they love their mommy…which is depicted in the following set of images drawn by her middle son in a Mother’s Day tribute. She sent me this and we have laughed hysterically at the depictions of her, and how well her shy son knows his mommy.

Please note in the next drawing how Dominic drew his mommy’s body, then lovingly covered her body with a gorgeous blue blouse. She and I think it’s hilarious that he did not draw her as a size 4, his style is more realism than anything else. He knows her favorite place to shop, Macy’s. And he also realizes that an image of his mom would not be complete without racks of clothes by her side. I’m not sure what “likhe” means. She does not have a club foot as depicted in this image, however that does add a good bit of humor.

In the next picture, this is how I see Dominic’s mother most often…playing tennis. I’ve never seen her in a bright yellow, see-through top…but an artist is allowed to his own interpretation I assume.

Below Dominic explains that he really likes his mom’s scrambled eggs, but he is totally not a fan of her dipping eggs. Apparently, they call fried eggs with a runny yolk a dipping egg because the kids dip their toast into the yolk.

I am not one to argue with a small boy drawing sweet images of his mom, but…a belly shirt? Really? Come on now, can’t you put her in a pretty night-gown? Or maybe a nice robe? When asked if she actually owns a belly shirt, Carla responded with a resounding NO! Followed with, “My stomach has not been seen in public since about 1987!”

Finally, you be the judge…does this boy know his mom or what? He knows she likes to shop, that she cooks yummy scrambled eggs, and now he’ll show you what she likes best…

That’s right…my friend Carla likes to party (or was he trying to say par-tay) A LOT in her belly shirt. Notice the cup cup cup? Nice. And the black orthopedic shoes were a nice touch too. Man, I love that kid.

I asked Carla if the teacher had requested a conference with her yet…so far, she’s in the clear. I have laughed at this for days, I just had to share.

Love ya Carla,


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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Humor

  1. Carla on said:

    Thanks for the sweet comments about my family and me! Your awesome sense of humor always bring me to tears with laughter…thank goodness for panty liners. Love you!!

  2. Marge Stricker on said:

    I am very proud of my grandson Dominic. He gave his mom a great Mother’s Day gift.

  3. Alecia on said:

    I just found your blog link in the comments of Pioneer Woman. “Laundry and Vodka”, well, I had to check it out. This is a wonderful, wonderful story!!

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