Meet my Meatloaf

You all have seen his photo several times, but I thought it’s time to properly introduce Nigel the blind wiener dog.

The first thing to note is that Nigel rules his domain with an iron first. His rules have been engraved and hang over the entrance to our home. Not really, but we tell him that this is true, and he’s blind and 6 inches tall…so he doesn’t really know.

Nigel’s Law

Nigel owns the couch and chooses if/when anyone else can join him on the couch.

Nigel will be held by humans 99% of the human’s waking hours.

Nigel will receive 2-3 treats per day, and the “other dog” will only receive treats while Nigel is chewing his treat. If this rule is disobeyed, Nigel will attempt to bite the “other dog” to take the treat that was wrongfully given to him.

Nigel will not use the bathroom outdoors if it is raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing, too cold, too hot, or if Nigel decides that he would prefer to poop indoors.

Nigel will lick others anywhere at anytime. This includes feet, ears, mouth, arms, legs, eyes, nostrils, and your dinner plate.

This concludes Nigel’s Laws, unless Nigel elects to add new entries which may be done at his discretion at any time.

Nigel went blind 2 years ago, and we were devastated. We thought it was so sad to see our little baby wiener dog run into walls and bump his head on the furniture. He got really fat from being sedentary, he and we were scared to let him run around. He was timid with his new dark world, and we were hesitant to let him try anything that could result in him being harmed.  Then all of the sudden, it’s almost like he forgot he was blind. He and the “other dog”, Nash, started to play.

Then Nigel started running in the grass, only a few feet a time, but he actually puts a bit of energy behind it. And he chases tennis balls by following the sound as they bounce.

Our vet tells us that Nigel will always be a bit chunky, but that’s okay. His nicknames include Chunk, Nige, Wienerschnitzel, and most frequently we call him Meatloaf. Our 8-year-old neighbor gave him this nickname when he exclaimed very plainly, “Nigel looks like a meatloaf”.

And sometimes he doesn’t realize I’m taking his photo and he moves…but somehow, even blurry photos of Nigel seem magical. He’s such a sweet lil’ Meatloaf.


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