The price for wiener care

This is the pottery bowl that I bought for my mom.

This is the pottery bowl that I had a hard time actually bringing myself to give away because I liked it so much.

This is the pottery bowl that made me realize that my mom is worth any sacrifice, she is my cute lil’ mommy after all.

So this is the bowl that was sent to my mom for Mother’s Day and makes my mommy happy on a regular basis when she eats her cereal or soup or salad from it’s beautiful basin.

This is also the pottery bowl that taught me that if you want a decent photo, you need to take the bowl outside into the natural sunlight. So here’s a sub-standard photo to show you how pretty the shape of the bowl is. I think it looks like a flower.

This is the pottery bowl that my mom gave me, and that I love very much.

My mom was smart about this though…she loved this bowl so much that she also did not want to part with it. So she bought two…one for her, one for me. I’ll keep that in mind the next time so I don’t have to cry in the post office as I send away the pretty things I find for others.

I must really love my mom, and I’ll use this to my advantage for many months to come. Like…when I ask her to care for Nigel the blind wiener dog while my hubby and I go on vacation. The call will go something like this:

Me: Hi Dad, how are you?

Dad: Fine

Me: Are you on speaker with Mom?

Dad: Yeah

Me: Um…okay. Well, um, I was wondering if y’all would be willing to keep Nigel while we go to the beach next month?

Dad: You mean that dog that pees and poops on the floor everytime he visits?

Me: Mom! Remember I sent you that pretty bowl? Well, it wasn’t just to be nice! It was a bribe for things to come! Helllllllo!?!

Dad: Your mother said she doesn’t want that Frito-smellin’ dog here.

Mom: I did NOT say that!!!! I love Nigel and I want him to come to Nana and PaPa’s!

Dad: Oh geez, I’m Papa to a fat wiener dog.

Mom: Well! He IS my grand-puppy!

Dad: Get a life woman.

Me: Okay… so thanks?! Love y’all!

Dad: Yeah yeah yeah… I gotta go, Price is Right is back on.

I love my family!

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5 thoughts on “The price for wiener care

  1. That’s a wonderful bowl! I love the colors and the shape. I’d definitely buy two next time!

  2. Barbara Brown on said:

    The bowl was beautiful, but our little Nigel is the best part. I love you guys, Love Mom

  3. HA HA HA HA HA!!! I almost peed myself – because I can TOTALLY see this very conversation happening, and then your dad walking off grumbling about the damn dog that he won’t admit that he loves, and will probably spoil rotten during the visit!

    I love our parents…and we’re so very lucky that they have stayed friends all these years, after all, if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have you!!! Hugs!

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