Inedible: not fit to be eaten

Can you identify the “food” in the above photo?
I’ll give you a hint… typically no matter how cheap/poorly made/cold it is, you can still usually eat it.
Did you figure it out?
That’s right, those are pizza bites.
The pizza bites are coupled with disgusting chicken tenders and corn.
I think the definition of inedible is totally appropriate here: ‘not fit to be eaten’.
This is the lunch tray from my friend Kelli who is currently in Iraq. The only part of this that looks tolerable to me is the corn, but she says, “Corn, there is always corn.  I am so corned out.”
Kelli sent me these photos from her modest abode in Muthanna, Iraq where she is the ‘Public Diplomacy Officer for Provincial Reconstruction Team Muthanna, Iraq’.  Big title huh!?! She works with media folks from Iraqi, Arab and Western countries who travel to her area. She is also involved in culture, women’s issues, education, the university and exchanges from her post in Iraq. What it means to me is that she is an American that wanted to support our troups and our country, and she is doing so by offering her experience and knowledge in a very scary place. I’m thankful to her for giving her time and energy.
And I’m thankful to her for tolerating these living conditions.
She and I had lunch when she came home a few months ago for her R&R (Rest and Recooperation), she still looked like the same ol’ Kelli! But her stories were new, exciting, adventurous and frankly – remarkable.
It is funny how in life you come across new people that become friends for life. For Kelli and me we worked together for a small business in Atlanta. I think the thing that solidified our friendship was a phone call that I received in the Houston airport letting me know that our office was closing, and upon our return to Atlanta Kelli and I were officially being laid off. Nothing to bond you like a lay off in an airport! (Side note, as I cried on the flight back, the man sitting next to me offered me a Lifesaver. Random.)
Kelli is hilariously sarcastic. You can see her sarcastic humor in her photos and description of each…
“This is the dinner we had of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were great (they had a little dairy-like substance with a cheese-like substance and maybe some ham bits or something) but the meatloaf was gross.”
Poor Kelli. Don’t you just want to pack her up some Spam and send it to her ASAP?
When my husband was in Iraq I sent him boxes every week. The things he requested were so disgusting to me…
Pepperoni Sticks
Beef Jerky
Slim Jims
Cheese (yes, cheese, even if it went bad he would eat it)
I never understood why he would want these nasty foods until I saw Kelli’s photos of simply horrid food. Then I thought, yeah, I’d rather eat packaged meat than that icky chicken.
Kelli also sent photos of her lovely living and working quarters, which she has lovingly given a “woman’s touch”…
Every girl needs an ottoman! And I see those Doritos in the photo. She must be getting some goody-boxes from home to supplement her diet.
This lovely lamp has to bring her smiles. It’s probably the only girly thing she has around her. A bit of humor and femininity in a very sandy, manly domain.
Kelli will return to the States in September. She is so excited, because as she puts it, “because I need real food again…and indoor plumbing…and the ability to leave home without a full protection detail”. I can’t wait to see her! 
As many of you know, I’m an Army wife…so I have to say a little thank you to all the men and women serving on behalf of our country.
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3 thoughts on “Inedible: not fit to be eaten

  1. MommytoThree on said:

    I, too, am a military wife and can relate to the stories and pics from Iraq. I want to second your “Thank You” to all who serve – both for their dedication to our country and for what they go through to keep us free and safe!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics! It is a good reminder of the sacrifices made by those serving our country in various places around the world. I join in saying, “Thank You.”

    And that food looks disgusting!!

  3. Kelli on said:

    This is probably the best press I’ve gotten in two years!! 🙂

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