Help in the kitchen

This is Nash’s way of “helping” me in the kitchen…

He was snoring very loudly when I snapped this photo. My kitchen helper is absolutely indispensible, don’t you think?


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One thought on “Help in the kitchen

  1. Hi Alex, I found your link over at Dianne’s blog and thought I would come and visit whoever would name their blog Laundry and Vodka LOL
    so here I am. I love your About Me’ page and your insights on disciplining yourself by having to finish a chore to get rewarded for something. Really when you stop and think about it, that is really smart advice. I think I will try it!

    The cranberry bread looks yummy! I love cranberries too and buy extra bags to freeze during the holidays.

    I had to read several pages of your blog and I like your sense of humor. Believe it or not I read all the way to your first post LOL, of course thank goodness you didn’t start blogging that long ago. You made me laugh when you wrote about the guy on the airplane that you could talk the horns off a billy-goat, and when you wrote “Well I never”….. Yes how rude of him, and you really made me laugh when you wrote this: And if you mention that I’ve been a bit too chatty, anticipate my response to be, “Well bless your heart.” And that is the Southern way of saying, “Blow it out your ear.” Bless your heart just sounds so much nicer doesn’t it?

    Love your doggies, they look like sweethearts. And so glad Nigel adjusted to his blindness, bless his heart (meant with sincerity that time) See, Bless Your Heart can mean sincerity sometimes, and other times not. Guess we are the only ones that know huh?

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