This isn’t water…

This isn’t water.

As a matter of fact this isn’t Sprite either.

Nor is it club soda, however, it does have club soda in it.

This my dear my friends is my MOJITO (said with thick Cuban accent). Mo-HEE-toe.  And mojitos are delicious!

So delicious in fact that I had two. My girlfriend had a glass of chardonnay, and we enjoyed a girl’s night at the river.

Did I mention that I was going away for a girl’s night? Well…I did. I am currently sitting on a deck over-looking the Chattahoochee River in the North Georgia Mountains. This is where Susan and I sat last night well past midnight, laughing and snorting like women do…

Can you believe that the photo above is of the moon? It was so bright last night that it looked like the setting sun. It was just amazing.

And it was the perfect environment for us to laugh, talk about our husbands (only good things I assure you). Telling funny stories about our families. It was a stereotypical girl’s night.

Lots of this

And lots of giggling. The one that got me laughing a little too loud for a late night on an outside deck was the following…of course we’re telling funny stories about our hubbies, and Susan comes out with this one…

“Occasionally, like every night…”

I giggle

“My husband has to have a snack in bed. Inevitably I’m almost asleep when he decides that he has to have a snack. I don’t care if that man is eatin’ marshmallows, he’s still going to be loud while he’s chewing. I cringe if he brings a bag of chips in there, I mean, all you have to do is reach in and pick out a chip, put it in your mouth. No need for wrestling with the bag, why does he need to test his ability to fit an entire handful of chips in his mouth all at once?”

At this point I’m still laughing hardily at the marshmallow comment, then she continues…

“You know what’s worse than chips? When he brings cereal up to the bedroom for his snack. You know why? Cuz he’s a spoon slurper. I’m sorry, but I can’t tolerate a spoon slurper. And he slurps on EVERY SINGLE BITE.”

I’m cracking up now.

“Well, I guess if that’s the worse I can complain about, I don’t have it too bad. He better remember to take that trash to the street in the morning…”

*Side note: Her husband DID remember to take the garbage to the street, as well as get all 3 kids off to school, with their ice cream money, and their snacks, and he made sure they were all dressed and that the 7-year-old had her hair done. He gets to eat chips in bed tonight with no complaints.

And this is the view this morning. Ahhhhh, just what the doctor ordered. A night away from responsibility, much needed chick giggling, and a little sun and fun. One last funny photo…

There’s just something funny about a chubby little kid tubing down the river…


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