Ice cream for breakfast

You know what I think is the best part of having other people’s kids over to my house to spend the night???

I get to feed them ice cream for breakfast.

And then…I get to send them back to their parent’s house to run off the sugar!

“Yep, they had breakfast. They have been little angels all morning!” (Insert evil laugh here, muwhahaha!)

I should let you know that their mom and dad spent the night with us too, and I did get permission before feeding children dessert for breakfast. My girlfriend decided it was a party weekend for her kids, so why not let them get their sugar rush early?

Besides, they expended A LOT of energy yesterday in the pool.

Remember when a game of Keep-Away never got old?  Those kids could have played this all day.

And remember when Daddy was the strongest man you ever knew? He could haul every kid in the pool on his back. Today’s Daddies are no different, they are still strong and fun and their kid’s idols.

And of course no pool experience is complete without the fogging of your pretty pink goggles.

And there’s the big kids that are faster, and get to the ball first. Which of course means they are ‘ball hogs’. Um, that would be my husband.

(“Honey, give the kids that ball. Don’t be so mean!”)

We all took a moment to thank him for his service, and to remember the friends he’s lost in the line of duty. We had fun, we loved seeing our friends, and we remember why we have this long weekend. My husband has elected to spend his Memorial Day weekends the way he would have spent a long weekend with the friends that he has lost…and that means a lot of fun and laughter, and a lot of reflecting on the good ol’ days. We did all of that and more this weekend.

And then I fed the kids ice cream for breakfast.


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2 thoughts on “Ice cream for breakfast

  1. Looks like a great weekend! I would imagine Memorial Day takes on a whole different meaning when you have personally lost friends in the line of service. I’m glad your husband had a great weekend and that those around him gave thanks for his service. This military stuff is taking on a whole new meaning for me now that I have a son considering taking a similar path.

    • Lynell, you’re right… Memorial Day is as special to our family as Christmas. It is an emotional day that I can’t quite fully understand, but my husband is great for making it special and memorable every year. He always tells a funny memory about one of his friends, and with that we keep their memory alive. It is really special.

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