Letters from the women in my life

I received a card in the mail from a dear friend this week. It brought tears, and it got me thinking…

There have been several women in my life that have loved me, encouraged me, and even when I had doubt in myself they always believed in me.

I can remember standing at the sink washing dishes, and my Mee Maw would walk in saying, “Ooooooh Amy! You are just the smartest thing! You can do any ol’ thing you put your mind to. And you do it better than anybody else could. You make me so proud.”

A few points of clarification –

First, my full name is Amy Alexandria. My family has always called me Amy. But when I was 9-years-old, we moved to a new town. I played on a softball team with 6 Amy’s, so they gave us all nicknames based on our middle or last names. My nickname was Alex, and it stuck, and I’ve been Alex ever since. Except to my family and old friends who all still call me Amy. It’s very confusing, but you can call me Alex.

Second, my Mee Maw thought I did everything better than anyone else, to include dishes, sweeping, washing the dogs, swimming, or academics. I never told her any different of course, I liked that my Mee Maw was my biggest fan.

Oh how I wanted a Mustang, or a Camaro, or a Trans Am. I did end up getting a Trans Am when I was in college, and that car ROCKED.

I was obsessed with cars. I loved so many makes and models, I loved to wash all our cars and keep them looking shiny and new. I could name a car from 100 yards, just by the front grill. I was OBSESSED! My mom could not have guessed that I would end up in automotive advertising, but she knew I had the car bug…

I never lived in New York or Hong Kong, but I did make a big move to Nashville. (Not the same as New York….hmmm). And I didn’t take over my dad’s business. And I don’t have a car for every outfit. But I did follow my dreams to work for some of the most prestigious automotive manufacturers and have travelled all over the world shooting commercials. My mom was on to something in her letter 17 1/2 years ago, we just didn’t quite know then what it would evolve into.

As a big sister, I was the first to graduate and head off to college. I like to say that I paved the way for my little sister, she likes to say that I was just bossy and snotty. Mary Margaret and I have a close relationship, and we were lucky to have one another as sisters. As with all things in my family, she addressed my high school graduation with humor.

Through out all of my life, I can think back to a time when a woman close to me reached out to tell me that she believed in me. These relationships with our mom’s, grandma’s, sisters, aunts and friends can carry us so far in life.

Sometimes it is difficult to hear someone tell you that she is proud of you. Of course it makes me smile and makes me happy, but allowing that praise to seep deeper into my soul to help me actually believe in myself is where the power of those words really comes alive. I don’t know that it is natural for one to take the time to be proud of themselves, but when someone stops you to point out your accomplishments, it is such an uplifting feeling.

My Aunt Pat has been so sweet and supportive of this blog. She and I spoke on the phone and she commented on how she has always believed in me, and she sees so much in each of these posts that makes her proud of me. It’s hard to explain how that makes me feel, but it makes me feel great. 

Then I received this card from my very dear friend Colleen.

She actually thanks me for being HER friend? She is such a wonderfully funny woman. If anyone is lucky in this relationship it’s me. For her to take the time to tell me that she is proud of me, reminds me of the power that the women in my life have had in keeping me moving forward.

I hope you will take a moment to tell your loved ones how proud you are of them, and that you believe that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

And I’m sure each of you can take a moment to remember the women in your life that have always had faith in you, and kept you moving forward in life.

And just for fun…

Sometimes encouragement comes in the form of a silly drawing. In 1987 my girlfriend Jacey mailed me this drawing when I learned I would be spending Christmas with my family in Hawaii. She was excited for me, and took the time to mail me this drawing. That’s what friends are for, to share your excitement and enthusiasm for one another.

I hope you will share a comment about the women that have supported you, or those you are proud of in your life.

Then get outside to enjoy that summer sun!


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5 thoughts on “Letters from the women in my life

  1. Very sweet!

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    This is precisely why we all know how sweet, kind, beautiful and talented you are and why we have always believed you can accomplish anything you want to do. You will always be our Amy! We love you.

  3. Well, of course I think you’re wonderful in every way! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Thanks

  4. Hi Alex! This is such a sweet post. It sounds like you are a very lucky woman to have such supportive ladies in your life! I love receiving cards like these and keep them all in a memory box to go back and look at. It’s a good reminder to me to get out the stationary and write to the special ones in my own life. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it!

    And my 5-year-old LOVES Corvettes. She can spot one a mile away.


  5. Kayla on said:

    What a great post! It was fun to see your notes in “person” and not just quoted! It really got me to thinking about people from my past that have done this for me AND people from my present that I should be doing this for rather than just focusing on my own life and its goings on!

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