Girrrrrls, it’s MOVIE time!

How could I have waited this long to see Sex And The City 2? It’s been out a whole week already!

My girlfriend Stefanie and I met for lunch and a movie this weekend.

First let’s talk about our girl’s lunch. We went to our favorite lunch spot, Tavern at Phipp’s Plaza. For those of you not familiar with Atlanta, Phipp’s is an upscale mall in a trendy part of town. When I say upscale, think Versace, Jimmy Choo, Gucci. It’s a fun place just to walk around and look at all of the beautiful window designs.

We sat down at the Tavern which is a casual place with a great menu.

I know you guys are thinking, “Oh a girl’s lunch, I bet they got some silly salad”. Well, let me tell you, Stef and I don’t fool around when it comes to food. The Tavern has THE best burger and fries. And secretly, I look forward to the homemade blue cheese dressing to dip my fries into almost more than anything else. Just talking about it my mouth is watering!

I didn’t have one this time, but their Bloody Mary’s are to die for. MAN, why didn’t I have a Bloody Mary??? Darn.

We chatted, we noshed, we drank 14 iced teas each, then we were ready for the movie!

We have planned to see Sex And The City 2 together for months. As soon as we heard the movie was coming, we had our girl’s day orchestrated. I felt almost giddy as we bought our tickets.

“I’ve heard that after you watch this movie you feel like you had a mini-vacation,” I tell Stef.

“Well I need a vacation. I also need Reese’s Pieces and something else to drink.”

Um, did I mention it was 90 degrees and humid? We drank A LOT of tea, water and diet coke. It was actually weird now that I think about it, we drank a whole lot. Anyway…about the movie…

If you saw the first movie, I would say that the second is equal in humor, grandness, glamour and fun. It is still silly and girly, the fashion is way over the top and the girls are as high maintenance as usual.

*CAUTION: This is not a movie you want to go see with your mom! Or with your elderly neighbor. Or a friend from church. It’s, ahem, it is, shew, what I mean to say is that I blushed a lot. Just take my word for it,  if you 13-year-old wants to go see this with her friends, you might want to preview the film first.

Okay, enough warning, we’re all grown ups here. It is FUNNY. We laughed and laughed and laughed. We whispered to each other throughout the movie like women do, and we covered our mouths like we were shocked at the risqué parts, and then we giggled like little girls because it was funny.

I can honestly say that while the movie is only a couple of hours long, I felt like I had a weekend at the beach with my girls. It is over-the-top and fabulous.

I love being a woman so I can justify being a silly girl for the rest of my life…

P.S. – Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter to win the cutting board. Just see the post below titled “CUT it out” for more information.


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2 thoughts on “Girrrrrls, it’s MOVIE time!

  1. With 14 ice teas – how’d you ever get to see ‘any’ of the movie?

    LOL – I’d have thought you’d have spent the whole time and and out of the ladies room!

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