Eazy Peezy Pizza

I decided half into pizza making last night that I should be taking photos of these pizzas. We love pizza, but neither of us enjoy delivery pizza. I love that delivery is so easy, but it’s expensive and it makes us both feel ill after we eat it. Another thing we have to contend with is the fact that my husband has a very physical job which requires him to eat LOTS of protein and a good many carbs. Delivery pizza does not seem to deliver enough nutritional value to get him through his work-day.

That was WAY too much info to explain why we make our own pizza, but there ya have it.

I do sometimes make my own dough. It is very simple if you have a mixer with a dough attachment. But to make things EVEN easier, I happen to love love love the dough from the grocery store. Publix bakery has my favorite pizza dough for about $3, it comes in a plastic bag that you can just toss in the freezer until you are ready to use it. If you can’t get pizza dough from your bakery, see if they have foccacia dough, that also makes a decent pizza dough.

I’m anti-canned dough. I just don’t dig it at all, sorry canned pizza dough lovers out there…


“Secret’s in the sauce…” Sorry, a Fried Green Tomatoes reference. This is the brand sauce that I love the very most. I can only find it at Publix, when I can’t make the drive down to publix I will use Emeril’s Marinara in lieu of pizza sauce. I prefer a zestier, flavorful sauce to anything that seems sweet.

And this? This…is my all-time, most favorite, yummy delicious pepperoni. Trust me, it’s worth the extra $1 to buy Boar’s Head Pepperoni. It isn’t greasy (I pronounce this word “Greezy”), it isn’t too salty, it is juuuuuust right.

And no, I do not have any endorsements from Boar’s Head, I just want to tell you the best toppings for your pizza!

Speaking of toppings, my husband says pizza isn’t pizza without this –

Again, we’ve tried several brands and Jimmy Dean is the least greasy, making it our favorite. I tear off little bite size pieces of the sausage and cook it in a skillet. Along with the sausage my husband also like ham, which I brown in the skillet with the sausage.

Finally, cheese… I am typically a cheese snob and have the attitude that you get what you pay for. I ended up buying a WalMart brand Mozzarella for another purpose, and wanted to use it up on a pizza several months ago. Holy cow, it ended being the best cheese ever for our pizzas.

I got this huge bag for about $5, it’s enough to make 8 small pizzas. The cheese melts beautifully, and again…not greasy. That’s apparently a big deal for us, greasy = icky.

Okay, so I’m not so good at shaping the pizzas. I have convinced myself that messy pizzas make them look more homemade. Right? I’ve tried rolling them, stretching them, ultimately what ends of working best for me is just tearing the dough into 3 or 4 small pizzas and kind of pulling it out to whatever shape it wants to go in. I like it thinner so I keep pulling it until it tears.

Beautiful? Probably not. Delicious? Oh yeah!

Put about 2-3 Tbs sauce on each pizza, spreading it to the edges leaving a crust. Keep the sauce layer thin to prevent it from making the crust soggy. Then layer on the cheese, followed by toppings. I sprinkle a little more cheese on top just to act as a glue to keep everything in place.

Bake in a preheated 380 degree oven for 20 minutes.

*One more note, I love my stoneware pans. If you don’t have stone, placing parchment paper under your pizzas will help in keeping the dough from getting soggy.

I like simple, plain pepperoni pizza. My hubby, obviously, likes the decked out meat lover’s pizza. A single ball of dough from the grocery made these 3 smaller pizzas which was enough to feed us for dinner until we were stuffed, and a whole pizza for lunch today.

I don’t know if this constitutes gourmet cooking, but I have to tell you that it’s simple and when you serve these to guests they will be impressed. And I love serving them when we have company because I can prepare the ingredients before guest’s arrival, then let everyone choose their own toppings.

It is really fun with kids, they get so excited to decorate their own pizzas. The concotions they come up with can be down right strange, but oddly enough they always eat every bite.

Have fun!


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3 thoughts on “Eazy Peezy Pizza

  1. Kelli on said:

    Last year we made pizzas on our grill or the fire pit behind our compound. I got King Arthur’s Bakery pizza mix, let it rise in my breadmaker, used PX plates to shape it (see my FB page for pics) and then we threw it on a low heat grill. To get crispy pepperoni I sauteed it in a cast iron pan (first on the grill-ouch-then on my ‘illegal’ hot plate that I carried home on a layover in FRA). You really get that nice crunch to the pepperoni. I also like Paul Newman’s Marinara and they always have coupons in the Sunday paper for it. We would also brush the edges with a garlic butter I got on igourmet.com(marinelli’s or something like that, they are out of it now, you have to find it when they have it and put a request that they email you when it comes in to get it), has garlic, parmesan, other yummy spices. Final shill for KAB, they have a Garlic Grilling Bread that is like a bread stick with a great garlicky flavor and is amazing with marinara. It’s a big carbo loaded meal but sometimes you gotta splurge.

  2. Kelli on said:

    http://marinosgarlicspread.com/–get it from here, soooo yummy-licious (couldn’t resist) and it looks like they’ll sell you the COMMERCIAL BIG DADDY tub of the stuff!

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