Going for a ride

I thought that you guys might enjoy going for a ride with me and hubby.

I will provide you with our conversation during this ride. To help you feel like you were there, you should know that my husband has a very thick accent. When I say very, what I meant was VERY. Some would call it country, he says he talks like a mountain man, I say it’s cute. So whatever, you get the picture…

Hubby: “Why are you takin’ pictures babe?”

Me: “I dunno. Just trying to see if I get anything good.”

Hubby: “Well if you’re takin’ pictures (pronounced pick-churs) of me they’ll all be good.”

Me: “Oooooh, well aren’t we confident today?”

Hubby: “Okay, enough pictures of me now. If you don’t quit I’m gonna turn the camera on you when we get home.”

EEEEEK, I hate having my photo taken. Camera is immediately turned away from hubby.

Me: “Baaaabe, why do you have so much crap in your backseat?”

Hubby: “It’s not crap, it’s all my gear.”

Me: “And you have all your GEAR in the backseat beeeeecause?”

Hubby: “Cuz I gotta have it everyday at work. I’m not gonna move it in and outta my truck everyday.”

Me: “It’s so sloppy. Do you want me to get you a box to keep it all organized?”

Hubby: “No, I don’t want a box. I want you to quit looking back there thinking about how you want to make it all girly. It’s man gear, it’s MY gear, it’s fine.”

Me: “Do you really think you can control this entire truck simply by resting your wrist over the steering wheel?”

Hubby: “I warned you about taking picture of me. Seriously, I’m so taking pictures of you tonight.”

Me: “You’re avoiding the question. Shouldn’t you have your hands at 3 and 9?”

Hubby: “Now you’re takin’ pictures of our d**n tea? What purpose could you possibly have for takin’ pictures of tea?”

Me: “I was going to talk about how much we love the Tervis Tumblers. You know we love those.”

Hubby: “Yeah, you’re right, those cups are awesome.”

Me: “Do you think it’s weird that we both carry iced tea with us everywhere we go?”

Hubby: “No.”

Me: “You didn’t even notice I did my nails.”

Hubby: “Nah. But I did notice you didn’t wear your wedding ring.”

Me: “I know, I’m sorry. I did dishes and left my rings by the sink.”

Hubby: “Why did I have to buy you a d**n ring if all you ever do is forget to wear it?”

Me: “Because I deserve a ring for putting up with you.”

***Please note the indention on my ring finger. I obviously don’t forget it often, he just likes to tease me.

Hubby: “Puttin’ up with ME???? I’m gonna call your daddy and ask him which one of us is harder to put up with.”

Me: “Hmph. Just because you’ve coerced my Daddy over to your side doesn’t mean that he’s always right!”

Hubby: “I love you. Can we stop takin’ pictures now???”

I hope you enjoyed our trip.


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3 thoughts on “Going for a ride

  1. MommytoThree on said:

    OMG!! This is sooooo a chapter out of my early married life… one that I dearly miss….. one that has been replaced with Mickey Mouse movies and the ever present kicking on the back of my seat. I am not complaining, but rather think maybe hubby and I need a date night ride (sans children)!!

  2. Julie on said:

    You are sooo funny. Are you just recently married? Where is your husband from? What kind of accent is that? I got your blog off of Pioneer Woman. I noticed you also comment on her site alot…..Are you guys farmers also?

    • We’ve been married for two years, so still newlyweds I guess. He’s from West Virginia, he grew up in a “holler”…ever heard of that? I hadn’t! I’ve learned all kinds of new things being married to him. We are not farmers, he’s active duty military. He grew up raising cattle though, so his retirement plan is a cattle farm. GULP. The closest I’ve ever been to a cow was when I fed one some hay when I was about 10. I take it your family has a farm?

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