Lunch, It’s not just food

Once upon a time, many many moons ago (like 10 months), I had a very stressful job.

There were meetings, lots and lots of meetings. There were teleconferences and video conferences, there were week-long trips back-to-back all over the globe. There were phone calls late at night and very early in the morning. There were uncomfortable shoes, tight pants, wrinkled blouses and very bad coffee.

But one thing that was rarely over-looked in this land of stress was LUNCH. I always loved that hour of escape. I had several friends that liked to get out of the office for an hour as much as I did. We could laugh out loud as we vented about the ridiculousness of the stress, the craziness of our schedules and there was hope and joy when we discussed our weekend plans. Lunch, ahhhhh dear sweet lunch, was my saving grace in a world of chaos.

When I chose to leave my job to move to Georgia with my husband, the one thing that I ended up missing the very most were those lunches.

Now I don’t go out everyday, but at least once a week I meet a friend for lunch. Let me tell you, this is the highlight of my week. We try new places, we taste each other’s dishes, we swoon over the cheese or cake or soup we are devouring. And now, I don’t have any big stressful events to air out at lunch. I just enjoy the company of a friend and the taste of the food.

Now that lunch has a much different meaning in my life, I enjoy it all the same.

Today I had lunch at  new place called Relish in Roswell, Georgia.

My girlfriend and I loved their logo. Notice the knife and fork? It was such a cute place.

See the pretty deck with the fancy little green umbrellas? It was SO cute. I wish it had been a smidge under 100 degrees today so we could have sat outside. Oh well, we enjoyed the air conditioning inside.

And speaking of enjoying… take a look at this…

These are identified as “Nibbles” on the menu. We ordered sour cream corn bread, spiced pecans and deep fried black eyed peas. Yep…that’s what I said. Deep fried black eyed peas. 

Why are you still giving me that puzzled look? Want me to say it slower?






They were good. And weird. But good… I thought the texture was similar to the wasabi crunchy thingys. But the flavor was unmistakably black eyed peas. Kinda cool.

I could have probably just eaten the nibbles and been full, but oh no…I also ordered this

The crab cake sandwich. I should mention that I took off the top bun because you know how I’m watching my girlish figure. Buhwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Yeah right! Seriously, I wanted to taste all the goodies inside…

Big ol’ ripe tomato

Slice o’ Vidalia onion (Pronounced Vi-day-ya Un-yun)

Bibb lettuce

And the most delicious crab cake with fresh green onions and a ton of crab, I think I tasted tarragon too. It was great.

Oh yeah….and the sandwich came with this

Y’all know what that is? Oooooooh yeah, Cheese Grits. And they were AWESOME!

Lunch may just be a sandwich in a paper bag to some, but for me it is a huge part of my life. I love the social aspect of “lunching with the girls”, and I miss the bonding that came from “lunching with the boys” at work. But one thing stays the same…I always love the food. (And I have the hips and booty to prove it).


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3 thoughts on “Lunch, It’s not just food

  1. Oh my word, that crab cake sandwich looks so good. The one time I had crab cakes was in Maryland and they were delicious! My sister just moved to Georgia and I’m going to tell her about Roswell’s…not sure how close it is to her house, but it looks like it’d be worth the drive! 🙂


  2. I think I have died and gone to heaven after reading this post! That food looks amazing!

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