When is it inappropriate?

So I have a confession to make. It isn’t pretty and I’ll admit that I am a bit ashamed…

And before I admit this, I do wonder at what point does it become inappropriate to share one’s confessions?

Well here it goes…and please don’t judge…

I watched yoga on television this morning while I sat on the couch eating cranberry muffins.

I couldn’t help myself. I was watching while thinking, ‘Wow, I wonder if I could do that. The downward dogs looks like it would feel really good, maybe I’ll try that when I’m done with this muffin.’

I now feel guilty, lazy and slightly embarrassed, so of course that meant that I had to share with all of you.

Do you have any of these embarrassingly, humorously inappropriate moments?


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4 thoughts on “When is it inappropriate?

  1. Julie on said:

    Okay so I’m an idiot. Guess I shouldve just started with about me on your blog and would have answered all my silly questions. Just read it. Now I’m on track. Too funny.

    • Well I WAS glad that I wasn’t in OK after seeing the news…until tonight here in GA where we’re having tornado warnings and horrible storms. Ugh. And it is supposed to be record highs tomorrow. Try to stay cool in CA!

  2. Kayla on said:

    Here is my confession – sometimes…..I watch Biggest Loser while eating Oreos and milk I used to exercise while I watched – but then, one time I had a snack and it kind of spiralled downwards from there!!!! 😉

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