Little Paw/Big Paw

This is the paw of a 14 pound wiener dog. Well, I’m being really generous…he’s probably more like 17 pounds, but he would be mad if I told you that. So we’ll stick with a svelte 14 pounds.

His paws are my favorite lil’ part of my mini-wienie. I like to rub them and tickle them while he’s trying to sleep. For some strange reason I also like the way his paws smell. I know you’re thinking I’m a weirdo, but Nigel has a very specific “Nigel smell”. His little paws are just a concentrated version of the Nigel smell. It’s somewhere between Frito’s and ranch dressing.

He sleeps with us at night, and randomly I’ll feel those little paws against my back. Usually, not in a loving way… he tries to push me out of the bed. You would be surprised at the amount of pressure he can place behind those little paws.

I love hearing the clickity-clack of those little nails on our hardwood floors. It’s the sound of “home”. We don’t have children yet, so our puppies are our babies until we do. So coming home to the dogs, and to Nigel’s little smelly paws and noisy little nails makes me happy.

Now this…

This is an alien paw. Really, it’s the paw of our Australian Blue Heeler, Nash. But it’s not as cute as Nigel’s is it? And it doesn’t smell like Frito’s or ranch dressing. Those nails are destructive and annoying. He walks across my foot and leaves pierced holes. We’ve cut those nails and I seriously think they just grow back sharper. I walk him across asphalt to wear them down, oh know, that just makes them like razors.

So I have to show you the cutest part of Nash since obviously his paws are not all that cute…

Look at that snotty lil’ nose, isn’t it so cute? ha ha. This is my view every morning as Nash is trying to give me wake up kisses. I just think he looks so sweet and cute, but I really don’t want his tongue and wet nose all over my face. So we dance, him trying to lick lick lick and me trying to avoid. He’s such a good dog.

So this post was supposed to be about a piece of furniture I’m redoing, but the rain yesterday halted my massive project. But I wanted to show you a photo of the dresser that I’m working with…

Hubby and I need another dresser in our bedroom, so I thought it would be a fun project to try renovating an older dresser. I found a cheap one on craigslist, so hubby and I drove over to this man’s house to pick it up. He was very nice and helped hubby load it into the truck and home we went.

Yesterday I pulled out all of my serious equipment and began sanding. Then…downpour. Maybe today I will get it done so I can talk about it tomorrow. I hope, but there’s still a chance of showers again today, so we shall see.

But come back tomorrow to visit and if I don’t have a dresser to show you I’m sure I can conjur up something to talk about. I mean…I’m rarely at a loss for words!


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3 thoughts on “Little Paw/Big Paw

  1. Julie on said:

    You so funny. Are you guys in Oklahmoa? Nasty storms blowing throught there for sure. Have some family in Edmond and they say its crazy. Hope you get to that dresser.Okay so love the dog feet story. Have a blue heeler that looks alot like Nash. Her name is Stormy. We think her feet smell like Doritos! Not kidding. She sleeps in the louse too. Thinks shes a poodle, not even kidding. The only time she has any inkling shes a heeler is when I’m trying to herd up one of my horses and then a bell goes off and she thinks she needs to help….not so. I think shes the best dog ever. Very smart and very protective.

  2. Kelli on said:

    I think you have an aversion to ‘clickety-clack’ nails from a period in, oh say, 2001, no? 🙂

    • I would never have connected the 2…but you are correct, I don’t like clickity clack nails on human beings. Was she a human being? Okay, I don’t like them on humans or aliens.

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