If your mom points out your quirks…

Back to the topic of “quirky”. If you will remember my post from a few days ago, I’ve admitted that I’m quirky and even provided a few examples of my quirkiness.

I embrace my quirky status, I have convinced myself that it just makes me interesting. Maybe a little weird too, but weird is cool! Right? Right? Do I seem weird to you? Wait…don’t answer that.

I was speaking with my mom the other day and she pointed out a quirk that I failed to mention. Side note…my mom is officially retired this week! She has been teaching for, how long mom? Too many years to mention? hee hee… But I am thrilled for her and I know she is looking forward to all the free time.

So back to the quirk pointed out by my mother – I don’t like to read “used” books. It’s true. The grossest of them all, library books. ICK! The thought of someone taking a book home from the library and reading it in the bathroom, ewwww. Or licking their fingers to turn the page, so by the time I get the book from the library I’m touching pages with 50 different people’s saliva forever saturated into the pages of the book.

Then there’s the doctor office magazines,  my skin is crawling thinking about this. UGH! Maybe I’m a germaphobe, or maybe I just over analyze everything (this is very much a personality trait of mine). Seeing those worn out old magazines on the doctor’s coffee table does not scream out to me, “Read this 2007 Woman’s Journal to relax before your appointment”. Oh no, what it says to me is, “Hi, I’ve been here for 3 years surrounded by sick people who sneeze on me, little kids that have drooled on me, oh and don’t forget all those people that have licked their fingers to turn my pages. I’m full of germs!”.

Used books and magazines gross me out. If I ever worked in a library I would carry Lysol in one pocket and hand sanitizer in the other. I know… I’m quirky. You can say it, I’m weird. If your mom points out your quirks, does that make you exceptionally quirky???

Okay, make me feel better… I know you have quirks you can share.

I have one more quirk that I think is funny…when we introduced the microwave into our home when I was a child, my sister and I would count down everything that we made. Meaning, well…we would do cheerleading moves every second to count down the time on the clock.

5 – Hands above our heads

4 – Arms straight out to our sides

3 – Arms down on our sides

2 – Knees bent down

1 – Jumping up to do a hurkey or a toe touch, and loud cheers that our food is done! YAY!!!!

Yeah…I still kinda do that when I’m heating something in the microwave.

Loser? Or quirky? ha ha.


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One thought on “If your mom points out your quirks…

  1. MommytoThree on said:

    Okay, so I am sooooo with you on the book/magazine thing. I have been told that I am weird, but if that means not reading something that someone else has had in their bathroom, then WEIRD I am !! And waiting room mags are the worst!! Just a side note, but I have noticed in the past newspapers in my in-laws bathroom. When they moved a few years sgo, all of their things were wrapped in newspaper…. including their dishes! They also used newspaper to line their kitchen cabinets…… does it make me weird that I refuse to eat there now??? I cannot convince myself that that that newspaper wasn’t the one in the bathroom!! And one more thing – I am totally grossed out by people who “rinse and reuse” their ziploc bags…. that is just gross and a whole new level of cheap!

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