I’m a Daddy’s girl

Happy Father’s Day to all you Daddy’s out there.

This is my Daddy and me, circa 1978.

I’m the daughter of a toy salesman…cool huh? I was the most popular kid on the block because my Dad always gave the neighborhood kids toys and electronics that he had at the house. There were a lot of upsides to being the kid of a toy peddler, but the one big downside was that my Dad travelled a lot. I would estimate he was gone 75% of the time.

Now that sounds rough, but let me tell you the benefit…When you’re dad is gone more frequently than he’s home, and he’s an awesome dad, what that means is that when he’s home it is gonna be FUN. My dad would check me out of school to hang out with him occasionally, and that ROCKED! In the summer he would take us on trips with him which made us feel so special. He grilled, he played in the pool with us, he surprised us with presents from his travels, he couldn’t stand to let us sleep in because it was time wasted that we could be hanging out, he was loud and laughed a lot.

We had contests all the time…who can fit the most grapes in their mouth at once, who can chew up saltines and whistle Dixie first, which one of us could swim from one end of the pool to the other the fastest. I had a Dad that truly played with us kids, and it was fun. He would tickle me until it hurt. He was the very best bedtime story teller in the whole world. Did you know that Cinderella served cookies and Kool-Aid at her wedding reception? Yep…that’s why my Daddy told me!

And now, at 35, my Daddy is one of my best friends. He and my husband are dear friends and admire one another which is a wonderful thing for me to witness. He loves to call me and tell me the latest joke he’s heard at the diner. His favorite thing to say when my husband answers the phone, “Hello, this is your good-lookin’ father-in-law callin’.”

I am definitely a Daddy’s girl. I have always adored my dear ol’ Dad and feel so fortunate to not only know him, but to have had him as my parent.

Happy Father’s Day.


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One thought on “I’m a Daddy’s girl

  1. Awww. That’s sweet. I’m a daddy’s girl, too. How fun to have a dad that played with you so much!

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