Finally finished that dresser!

Ahhhhh….6 new drawers. It is pure bliss to have extra room for my junk. But I didn’t want just any drawers, I wanted something pretty to add to our master bedroom.

But something new, something pretty…it comes at a price. When we bought our bedroom suit 4 or 5 years ago, I was working, had an income, could justify that Ethan Allen chest of drawers. Now I needed to be a bit more frugal, so we shopped on craigslist.

 And this is what we found. Simple lines, medium-sized dresser for a whopping $40. I have never refinished furniture, nor have I ever bought anything “used”. This was a first for me from start to finish. I learned a lot. First and foremost…when buying furniture to refinish, have faith in yourself. You CAN do it! Second, negotiate craigslist buys. I didn’t, I just paid what the guy was asking, then all of my friends yelled at me for not offering $20 for the dresser. I didn’t know!

This is where the process starts – sanding. It was a lot less fun than I anticipated. Honestly it was pretty fun, but it was approximately 1,286 degrees outside. I have never sweated the way I was sweating  that morning. It wasn’t pretty.

But watching that yellow varnish disappear was quite therapeutic. I love crisp, clean lines.

After sanding I used a moist rag to get all of the dust off every inch of the drawers and cabinet. I went over it several time to ensure I would not get sawdust trapped beneath the paint.

I decided to paint the dresser black. Because I have never done this before, I proceeded slowly. I did very light layers of paint to build up to black.

Another lesson I learned in my craigslist buy, make sure the drawers are solid wood. I looked at the drawer fronts to make sure they weren’t particle board, but I didn’t know to look at the bottom of the drawers. I wish I had, but for $40…I can’t really complain too much.

After a couple more layers of black spray paint, it’s looking good.

The dresser is starting to transform as well.

Another lesson I learned, wear a mask when spray painting. I was blowing black stuff out of my nose for two hours. I know that’s gross, but I’m a blogger…and it’s the gross things in life that are worth sharing.

I decided that I didn’t want a solid black dresser, it needed a little something else. So I started sanding off the edges of the black paint, you see a hint of what’s next in the photo…

After sanding the edges, I used a cherry wood stain to give them an aged appearance. I figured if I just sanded the edges and corners that would normally be affected over time it would look more natural.

I’m getting excited, it looks pretty good.

I did the same treatment on the cabinet. Looks a lot different from where we began doesn’t it?

This photo was from the original home of this simple dresser. The drawer pulls were circa 1988 maybe? The yellow stain was dated and dreary.

5 cans of black spray paint, a few dabs of left over cherry stain, an electric sander, new drawer pulls and buckets of sweat later…

It looks like this.

Every drawer is already filled, perhaps I need to try another tall dresser? But I’ll wait until fall when the weather is much cooler. Oh yeah, another lesson I learned – Georgia is HOT in June…


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5 thoughts on “Finally finished that dresser!

  1. Janice on said:

    Hey! The dresser looks fantastic!! You should be very proud of yourself for doing such an excellent job, especially since it’s your first time! The possibilities are endless when it comes to used furniture, etc, spray paint, & sandpaper. The color inspiration for our last project – a dresser for our kitchen – came from an old piece of scrapbooking paper I had. An interesting shade of blue w/ sea green highlights – who would have thought!:) Congratulations!!

  2. Barbara Brown on said:

    The dresser looks great, you done a wonderful job. I loved the article about you and Mike, the pic was wonderful. I enjoyed the article about Nigel and Nash. By the way I have some used magazines that I picked up at the Doctor’s Office, they were done with them. They are from back in 1996. So I know you’ll just love them. After all if you’ve read them, you’ll have forgot what they said by now. HeeHee I love you, Barb. By the way I am your favorite mother in law. That is correct isn’t it.

  3. Beautiful transformation! Great job!

  4. Great job! (Georgia’s hotter in August…get ready!)

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