Road Triiiiiiip!

First things first when packing for a road trip…Car snacks!!!

Chips? Check.

Cookies? Check.

Healthy snack? Check.

Candy? Oh no, where’s the chewy sweetarts? Where’s the Twizzlers? I gotta go shopping again.

Sodas? Check.

This is our big summer vacation. Hubby gets “block leave” every year, meaning the military assigns when he will take his vacation. It is nice because we can actually plan time away and we know there will be minimal to no interruptions. It’s so nice.

This year we are going to put the miles on my new car. We are leaving Georgia and heading straight up to Washington D.C. where we will get to see my kid sister and be tourists in her new home town. We have the museums all staked out, she has dinner figured out, I think we may even take a cruise at night…how romantic! Then we’ll drive up to Virginia Beach for a little sand and sun. Oh how I can’t wait for the smell of sunscreen and booze…oops, sorry Mom, I mean sunscreen and seafood or something. Finally, we are going to a camp in the West Virginia mountains with my in-laws. I fully intend to make ‘smores by the campfire and guiltlessly eat hot dogs.

We are so excited to see family, to get out-of-town and to be a little carefree for a few days. Nash is going to his favorite doggie overnight camp. But Nigel the blind wiener is much more high maintenance. He does not board well, so my family is sweet enough to deal with the princess. Listen to this, Nigel will ride with Hubby and me up to my sister’s house. Then sis is leaving to go see my folks in South Georgia, so Nigel will ride with her down to his Nana and Paw Paw’s. Then I will have to make a trip down to see them and pick up the wiener. Ridiculous? Perhaps…but he’s our pretty pretty princess and we don’t ever want to upset the princess.

Nigel says, “What? I like being on my pedastal…it makes me feel pretty.”

What are your road trip essentials? What am I forgetting for the car? Any tunes you would recommend?


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4 thoughts on “Road Triiiiiiip!

  1. Janice on said:

    Hey! Don’t forget that Julia Child’s kitchen is at the Smithsonian – so much to see for free!! My cell phone & camera chargers are always at the top of my “don’t forget it” list. Have a FUN & SAFE TRIP!

  2. Have a great trip! Sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure you both need the break! Safe travels.

  3. Carla on said:

    Have a great trip! I am looking forward to your road trip blogs. Trips and meeting new people lead to the best stories.

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