I’m running out of time!

Between nearly dying from heat exhaustion yesterday after playing THREE sets in my tennis match, and trying to pack for our big trip…I’ve run out of time. There is so much I want to share…

Like the fact that we met a dear friend for brunch today and an entire glass of iced tea was spilled on the seat of my pants to the point that it looked like I had an accident of a different kind.

Or that we bought our 4-year-old nephew a brand new Tee Ball bat, a tee, balls, a glove, and the cutest little batting gloves you have ever seen.

Side note, our nephew calls me MiMi and I love that.

I wanted to share with you that I’m actually feeling sad about dropping Nash, the big dog, off at doggie jail tomorrow. I’m not allowed to call it that though, it’s camp. Sigh. I am going to miss him really bad, and the truth is he probably won’t even notice I’m gone. But in my mind I worry that he’ll be sad and blue, perhaps cry at the loss of his mommy, unable to comprehend that I will be back to rescue him in only a few short days.

But since I’ve run out of time I just thought I would quickly let you know that my posts may be a little slow, but I totally plan to share lots of stuff from our trip. We are going to be such tourists this week, so be prepared for dorky photos and stories of being hot and sweating a lot…

By the way, I did win that 3 set tennis match.


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One thought on “I’m running out of time!

  1. I can’t wait to see your pics and hear about your adventure! My goodness, you have a busy itinerary…and I LOVE that you call Nigel “Pretty pretty Princess.” That picture of him on the pedastal is hilarious. Have fun!!!!

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