Drivin’ to DC

We headed out to DC yesterday.

10.5 hours with a packed car, a wiener dog, McD’s Frappes, and ’80’s music…then before we knew it we were in DC.

When I say packed, I really mean PACKED. How the heck do we have so much junk? My hubby’s motto: It’s better to have than want for something. So we HAVE everything but the kitchen sink.

I should be a spokesperson for McDonald’s Frappes, cuz I love ’em. They are so delicious and half the price of those pricier coffee shops. Hubby and I sucked down our Frappes and were blazin’ our trail to DC.

Nigel slept in my lap 98% of the time…but he liked to play with his bone and ball in the floor board. Then he just flopped over in nap mode and it made for a cute photo. Although my legs look even whiter and even fatter than they normally do. Or at least that’s what I’ve made myself believe…they couldn’t normally look THAT freakish.

We JAMMED out!!!!!!!

Then we made it to my kid sister’s house and she took us for a night tour of the monuments. I’ll post those pics soon. Now we’re headed out to museums, debating what we’ll eat for lunch, and worrying about Nigel because he hasn’t pottied since he got here. I’m sure he’ll leave us a gift in the crate, siiiiiiiiiigh.

Looking forward to posting more soon!


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One thought on “Drivin’ to DC

  1. Hi. I had to visit your site after I saw the name of your blog on your comment at The Pioneer Woman. Great title. I wish I had thought of it.
    Sounds like a fun road trip I hope you and your husband and the dog have a great time.

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