Toot toot…

This is how the trip began. My husband once again trying to take photos of me while I gasp and sigh and beg him to please not take it. I act stupid, he snaps a blurry shot of me, ensuring a photo that I’ll detest. There’s about 100 just like this one on my camera. UGH. I was sooooo happy at the end of the day when we ran out of space on the memory card so I could start deleting a few photos of myself.

That way I have room on my camera for much more important photos – like this one… Why did I take this photo??? It’s, well…it’s…a weird photo! We went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum first. There we found many many many taxidermy animals, and skeletons of animals, and photos of animals. It was very interesting and fun, but taking photos of dead, stuffed animals made to look live and animated made me feel a little strange.

But I didn’t feel too strange to pose with my kid sister in front of these skeletons of some weird sea creatures. Once again, I hate photos of myself. I wish I had photoshop so I could have helped out my sister’s shiny skin issue in this photo…she doesn’t look that shiny in person. And I don’t have a double chin in person. As a matter of fact I think my camera is broken and added like 30 pounds…just sayin’.

We moved on to the National Museum of American History… I’ll post a few photos from there later this week. I won’t bore you with too many museum photos in a single post.

However, I will go on a few minutes longer with a couple of photos from a great cruise my sister arranged in Georgetown.

We got there early to ensure a good seat on the boat (typical tourists that we are). It worked, we were right up front. We departed at 8pm, which was perfect for lighting. We had a gorgeous sunset cruise. The three of us sat together, side-by-side to enjoy the view and one another’s company.

Then, we were suddenly interrupted…

by this lady. She literally pushed my husband to the side so she could stand at the head of the boat. Which is fine I suppose, but she stood there for a very long time. And her bottom was right in our face. And it was weird. And my sister looked at me with the “what the heck” face, so I snapped a photo and it ended up PRICELESS!!!! This will be the best photo of the trip I am sure.

We are now in Virginia Beach and it is lovely. The weather is great, the beach isn’t too crowded and we have a room overlooking the ocean.

Within seconds of entering our room, my hubby had his feet propped up outside on the balcony. If we aren’t in the sand, this is where he’ll stay. We have a great view of the beach, I could live here.

Perhaps if I lived at the beach I would have had more appreciation for this…

See that red flag? Did you know that it meant that you shouldn’t swim in the ocean?

Well I didn’t! I thought it was just a pretty red flag.

20 minutes after arriving at the beach, my hubby and I were like children running through the halls of our hotel to find the nearest elevator. We had in tow hotel towels, room key, and our brand-new, never been used boogie boards. Awwwwww yeah, we were gonna tear up some waves!!!

Then, I bolted out in the water like I knew what I was doing. NO FEAR. Bring it on, I got my boogie board and I’m gonna have some fun. Then I heard a whistle….

toot toot

I look, my husband is way to my right…

toot toot… the lifeguard is waving for me to come in.

toot toot.

I’m paddling, kicking, kicking harder…that boogie board is not moving.

toot toot.

I’m freaking out, I’m not gonna lie. Why can’t I swim towards the beach? Why when I kick and paddle my board seems to go further out to sea?

Then, as if I were a drowning child, 2 lifeguards dive into the ocean and swim out to me. They tell me to drop the board, I didn’t realize what I tight grip I had on it. I dropped it and surprisingly I was able to swim now. Apparently when the tide is going out and the waves are really rough it is a very bad idea to sit on top of a flotation device in the water because it will take you out further and further.

I was humiliated, I practically ran back inside my hotel. I will probably never boogie board again, that’s for sure. Hubby has already been out doing it all day today.

I need a drink after telling that story. Do these kinds of things happen to normal people, or just me???


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4 thoughts on “Toot toot…

  1. susan currie on said:

    hahahaha…you got busted by the beach police…why did jeremy not snap a pic…..i am still laughing….love you guys

  2. Now THAT is a good story. You made me laugh so hard! I can’t believe the lifeguards came to get you!!! Wow.

    Also, that pic of your sister is HILARIOUS!!! It looks like you are having a great time! Keep us posted on your adventures!

    • I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassing it was. I wouldn’t even wear the same bathing suit the next day in an attempt to hide…maybe no one will recognize me if I’m wearing a different color. UGH.

  3. Kayla on said:

    Okay, I am pretty sure we own the same camera – because my pictures never look like me either. 😉 I love the picture of your sister and what looks like a very rude visitor from another country! And, no, I did not know about the red flag either – I am from Minnesota – they should put some kind of information in your hotel rooms, so visitors will know without the humiliation you had to suffer!!!! I wonder how often it has happened – the lifeguards probably have some interesting stories, huh?

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