Up here in the North Georgia Mountains people pronounce Italian “Eye-Tile-Yun”, and it makes me giggle. I thought of this when my sister took us to a cute Italian restaurant up in DC. She says, “It’s kind of like fast-food Italian…nothing fancy.”

It is clear to me that my city-living little sister no longer understands what us country-folk consider “casual”. This here is a fancy dancy Eye-Tile-Yun rest-runt. We had been driving for 10 hours to get to DC, so we were both a little worse for wear and HUNGRY. We could never have anticipated such a delicious, “fast-food” meal.

Can you see the potted herb on the table? I used the rosemary and oregano to make our very own dipping oil for the bread.

I don’t know about you, but our casual restaurants back home don’t have marble condiment holders! This place is called VaPiano’s, it is right in my sister’s neighborhood in Arlington, VA.

There’s our yummy dipping oil and hubby’s sausage and roasted pepper pasta.

I had the spinach and ricotta ravioli with a creamy tomato sauce. It was delicious. Not like fast-food Eye-Tile-Yun I can assure you.

And here’s the coolest part…potted herbs that you are encouraged to use with your meal. There’s thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary and more. I LOVED this and am inspired to take a few clippings from my garden to create my own little indoor herb wall. The whole restaurant smelled wonderful, and this little touch added a fresh and homemade feel to the food.

I wish I could persuade the owners of VaPiano’s to build a restaurant in MY neighborhood! Until then, I will hark back to the yummy meal I had in my city-living little sister’s hood.


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