Sew Fun

My kid sister came to visit us here in Georgia this week. She saw my folks down in South Georgia, then headed up our way for a couple of days. She and I talked about what we wanted to do while she was here, of course hitting the pool was in the cards! But she also wanted to make an apron with a kitchen towel as the skirt.

I’m not a super great seamstress, but I know my way around a sewing machine. So we headed to the fabric store where she selected pretty material.

We didn’t work with a pattern, we were just winging it. So I taught her how to mark the fabric to make a straight cut.

And I showed her how there’s as much ironing in a sewing project as there is actually stitching pieces together.

All straight-line sewing…that’s my kind of project!

I got all of the parts and pieces cut, ironed, sewn…and then I started trying to turn the gingham fabric sash inside out…

At this point my sister had the best quote, “Well, it wouldn’t be a family project without cuss words”.  Let’s just say I trashed the stupid gingham sash and chose to use satin blanket binding for the sash instead. I’m glad I did, it is super cute.

Cute, right?

Finally, I’ll end this post with something that is disturbing. It is inexplicable. My purpose in doing this is simply to gross my mom out, the same reason I did this when I was 8-years-old. It involves those pins above this text.

If you are squeamish, don’t look. (Mom you don’t count, you HAVE to look).

Seriously, if you can’t handle a little grosser than gross, don’t look.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! They’re in my skin!

My mom’s skin is CRAWLING right now! hee hee hee. My sister and I love tormenting our poor lil’ ol’ mommy. Sorry, but if you get me and my sis together…weird and gross things are bound to happen.

And we make aprons.


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5 thoughts on “Sew Fun

  1. Cute apron…my “brats” and I are impressed! 😉

    Ummm. The whole needle thing. Ewww.

    You made me laugh with your sister’s quote, though!

  2. Kayla on said:

    I wish my sister and I (Kandiland) could work on a cute apron together!!! Although she is a great seamstress….I am not and fear that more time would be spent laughing – but for me that is the point of doing a family project!!!! Anyway….super cute and super usable with the towel down there….did you wash the fabric first?

  3. LOVE IT! But, for future reference, dowel rods are VERY helpful in turning things like swen sashes right side out – or you can really cheat it like me, and cut your fabric a bit wider, the iron a seam down the middle, and fold each edge into the seam, the sew the sides together…that sounds WAY more difficult than it was meant to, but you get my point right? I will be sewing ALL WEEKEND and probably for a couple weeks, if I can get my actual JOB’s work schedule to agree…miss you!

  4. My, what a cute apron I got to bring home with me! I am loving it! And the pin pics look great for grossing out Mom! Awesome!

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