Dog days of summer…

I don’t know about y’all…but here in Georgia, all we want to do is sit around in the air conditioning.

It’s almost too hot to breathe.

We have to fight the dogs for space on the couch though. How in the world have I lost this battle to the dogs??? We bought a nice, new sectional sofa for the den…it’s over-run with doggies. Long story short, this couch isn’t working out well for us, so we went today to reselect our sofa. We went with a much darker, leather sectional.

I’m sure the dogs will take it over as well.

Maybe the leather won’t be as comfortable to them? Maybe with a new sofa I can replace the ‘no doggies’ rule? Maybe I’m just dreaming because even if I were to hold to the no dogs rule, my loving husband would sneak every chance he got to bring his little buddies up on the couch with him.

As I sit here typing, the dogs are both curled up sleeping on the sofa. It’s a no win situation really. Why fight? I need to choose my battles wisely. This is low on the totum pole of importance… Much higher ranking items, such as no shooting rifles off the back deck, should be attended to. Or the ever important, no gutting deer in the front yard. Those take precedence to no dogs on the couch.

And beside, the dogs are cute and cuddly and they can give me these puppy dog eyes…as they stand, sit, lay, completely rule MY couch.

But in these dog days of summer, how could I turn down a cool, comfy place on the sofa to my beloved doggies? 


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