Chubby kid tubing

Do you guys remember me mentioning this little chubby kid tubing? I thought he was so cute chugging his way down the river.

He was whistling loudly and having a grand ol’ time. His parents were a minute behind him yelling at him to wait for them on the ramp, which he did. But he was completely and totally amusing himself on his trip down the river.

As his journey ended this nice man helped him out of the water with his tube.

I am sharing these photos with you because I am afraid of who may be staying at this cabin, with this vantage point today. I am going tubing with some friends in just a little while, and if someone were to snap a few photos of the “chubby lady tubing down the river”, well, their photos won’t be this cute.

And I suspect their story won’t be so sweet…I won’t be whistling my way down the river. I’ll probably be red as a beet from sun (although I’ll have a good coat of sunscreen, my fair skin always shows the littlest bit of sun). I’ll be huffing my way to the ramp to lift myself out of the water. There won’t be a nice man helping me out, it will be my husband laughing at me and saying, “What are you doing??? Just get out of the water Alex!” And my cute little skirt on my bathing suit will be hiked up over my rear end, surely exposing my bright white and not too slim buttocks.

Oh gosh…it was all fun and games when it was a photo of a chubby lil’ kid tubing down the river. Now I just hope the folks in that cabin are out and about enjoying the day instead of mocking the old chubby tubers that are headed down the river.

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2 thoughts on “Chubby kid tubing

  1. LOL. Have fun tubing. Today is a great day for that! I haven’t gone tubing in years, and am probably too old and way past chubby to even try!

  2. You are too funny! Your posts always make me smile. I LOVE tubing but haven’t done it for years!!! Hope you had a great time…my swimsuit has a skirt, too! There’s no other way for me anymore!

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