Pancakes with Pipsqueak

We had visitors this weekend!

My girlfriend, her husband and 3 kids spent Saturday and Sunday nights with us. I loved it because I had lots of help with breakfast in the morning. While Susan made the sausage and bacon, her youngest daughter and I made pancakes together.

She learned how the flip the flap jacks all by herself! I think her cooking video game has really helped her to not be scared in the kitchen. She had her little step stool up to the counter and was ready to get to griddlin’. (And she made me call her Chef).

Meanwhile, I had assistance from the other two kids in the other room.

Nash was having way too much fun playing tug-of-war. Thankfully it wore him down so we could hang out without him all up in our biz-ness!

He had a blast, and has been sleeping ever since the kids left. They seriously wore him OUT!

Then we all ate Pipsqueak’s pancakes, and they were perfectly prepared. She was proud. VERY proud.


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3 thoughts on “Pancakes with Pipsqueak

  1. susan currie on said:

    is it just me or are my kids adorable….love the pic with tommy and nash!!!

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