My favorite text convo in a long time

My sister and I text frequently. I was reading another blog about “public transit stories” earlier today. It reminded me of a hilarious text conversation I had with my kid sister yesterday after her ride home on public transportation in D.C.

Kid sis: OMG…am on bus and this woman sat next to me and she started reading a book and highlighting stuff. Which meant that she was putting her arm/elbow/etc ALL over me. It seriously made me uncomfortable and so I moved when another seat opened.

So…have you been molested on a bus today!?!”

Me: Why didn’t you say, “Get your body off of me you nut job!?”

Kid sis: I wanted to soooo badly say,

“Um, excuse me, you are very liberal with your arms and it’s making me uncomfortable.

Touch my thigh one more time and see what happens.”

Me: LOL.

I love my kid sister’s one-liners.


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One thought on “My favorite text convo in a long time

  1. Julie on said:

    Hey Chick. Know exactly what you mean. My garden looks the same. Very mediocre. I’m none too happy about it. Here in California, we had a very long cool spring and nothing had a good start. What do you do?

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