Randomly Saturday

1. I am hoping that my girlfriend and her family come to brunch on Sunday. There are several reasons…

     – An excuse to clean my house.

     – I get to cuddle her cute little baby.

     – Of course more time to chat with my girlfriend.

     – A reason to make salmon cakes that I’ve been craving.

     – And she said she would be bringing a Paula Deen dessert if they were able to come up.

     – Did I mention that I’m not always selfless? I can totally be focused on what’s best for me from time to time. And Paul Deen is good for me.

     – Have I mentioned that my goal in life is to be a guest on Paula’s show? I love Ina too, but Paula is my home-girl.

2. I got a pedicure 2 weeks ago. The polish still looks great except on 1 nail. Why? I’m so annoyed that I have to repaint all the other 9 toes because 1 toe decided to chip.

3. I am finally getting my hair cut on Wednesday. I had a wonderful stylist in Nashville (anybody near Nashville? His name is Joseph and he’s at Suite One. He is awesome, wonderful, and I miss him). Well, when I moved to Georgia, I got my hair cut at a local Aveda salon. I thought it’s Aveda, it has to be good, right?

WELL…I ended up with the old Kate Gosselin bob.

My husband actually laughed at me when I came home. That is not what I asked for, it does not look cute on me at all, and I was MAD. On top of the awful cut, the sides were uneven by like 2 inches. I got it fixed during a visit to NC to see my cousin. She whisked me off to her hair dresser where I got a much more flattering cut. (I think she was embarrassed to be seen with me).

The problem…that was January.

So Wednesday, new hair dresser. I’m afraid.

4. I dreamed that I rear-ended someone. In my dream I was so relieved that my husband had just gotten a speeding ticket (which he did last weekend) because he wouldn’t be mad that I got in an accident. Random.

Last week I dreamed that Nigel the blind wiener dog licked all the windows, to include the windshield, in my car so much that I couldn’t see through them while I was driving. I was freaking out trying to wipe off a space so I could see and it just kept smearing more. Even more random.

What up with the driving dreams?

5. I need want new kitchen appliances. If they all still work, what has to happen for me to justify getting new?

6. I can’t wait to see “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts. She’s one of my very most favorite actresses.

7. I get annoyed that my husband drinks the canned soda at home when he bought 2 liters. And at home he eats the single serving bags of chips that I bought for his lunches instead of the big bags that are much cheaper. Is that controlling?

Don’t answer that.

8. I am apprehensive to start looking for a job because I’m afraid I might actually get hired somewhere. That means no more life of leisure. (But maybe if I had a job I would stop getting annoyed with my husband for eating and drinking the more expensive single serve items reserved for his lunches…)

Hmmmm, something to ponder.

9. I miss the days that I didn’t care, think about nor worry about politics. My husband’s obsession with watching the news has made me an aware citizen. I think I preferred being naive…or ignorant…to it all. Because now I think about it too often and actually talk about it. Hello, I’m OLD. Just put a cup of coffee in one hand and a walking cane in the other while I go on-and-on about boring politics.

10. I now realize what my girlfriend meant when she said I never stop thinking. My brain is always randomly firing strange thoughts my way. In the few minutes that it took me to come up with 10 random discussion points, I’ve actually had to cull those that were either boring or just too weird to share with others.

What are your random thoughts today???


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2 thoughts on “Randomly Saturday

  1. Pat Luther on said:

    Here are my random answers to your random thoughts:
    1. Paula Deen is my fav. I want to be at one of her shows before I die. Maybe we could go together!!
    1. They are your toes!!! You walk on the feet they are attached to.
    3. Its just hair. It will grow back. Besides you are so cute you could shave you head and still look beautiful!
    4. Maybe you should stay out of the car for awhile.
    5. You could just give your old appliances to you poor relatives (ME)) and consider it charity.
    6. Julia is one of my favotires too. I can’t wait to see that movie, but I will have to go with another woman. Don’tt hink I could talk my husband into that one.
    7. My husband does the same thing with drinks and snacks. Do they think they grow on trees or that the snack fairy just droped them off?????
    8. Convience Jeremy that he needs you at home to cater to him when he is not working his crazy hours.
    9. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that is all I have to say about that!
    10. You are thinking all the time because you are so smart and don’t want your brain to shrivel up and die before you get that new job.

  2. Carla on said:

    I have been doing a little catch up on your blogs…not getting much done at work…and you have brightened my day. You are quite the photographer and I love getting my Alex fix. I am looking forward to our post-tennis match chats in a couple of weeks.. It’s been such a busy summer and seems like forever since we talked. See you soon!!

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