The Experiment

As many of you know, we have a blind dog.

Coming up with ways to play with a blind dog is challenging. Add to the challenge that our blind dog is only 6 inches tall, and you start to understand our problem.

We can occasionally bounce a tennis ball so he can follow the sound, but he gets bored fast. I hide treats under cups, but he’s mastered that game and can find the treat in no time at all.

So I decided to try a new game, I placed different items in the hall and waited for him to find the treat. I thought he may stumble across the other items before finding his yum-yum.

I barely had time to snap this photo of him first realizing that a treat was somewhere in the house. His little nose immediately started twitching, his excitement was palpable.

All of the sudden, my little blind wiener dog became an animal…no, a predator.

The hunt began.

The beast begins his descent down the hall.

The smell of the prey wafts towards the beast.

And please don’t notice how badly my floors need a good sweep…

Stalking seems to come naturally to the beast.

The attack was so ferocious I couldn’t get a clear shot.

The fig and the onion nothing more than decoration, the beast leapt upon his prey without hesitation.

As if he were ashamed of his beastly behavior, Nigel turns his head to chomp his treat.

It takes only moments for the entire bounty to be consumed. The onion and fig remain untouched.

There’s a brief acknowledgement of the fig.

Suddenly, Nigel the pitiful, blind wiener dog is back to plead for more treats.

The experiment was somewhat a success I suppose, but I think next time I need to make an obstacle course down the hall.

Thank you for joining me for the experiment. Nigel says, “Send treats. Nana, please don’t make me work for treats, okay?”.


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2 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. linda on said:

    Treats are on the way, Nigel!

  2. Carla on said:

    I love the last picture of him. He is so sweet and I can see why you love him so much. There are not many people that could resist that face.

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