I miss having dinner parties.

I used to host formal dinners fairly often, but somewhere along the way that has changed. My husband’s work schedule makes it difficult to plan very far in advance, we live pretty far away from most of my friends, and we have just become more casual over the years. Burgers and steaks on the grill seem to have taken the place of hors d’oeuvre platters and fine wine.

I’m good with all of that, but when we invited our friends for brunch on Sunday I felt the need to bring back a bit of formality. I chose to eat at the kitchen table rather than the dining room to keep things comfortable, but I wanted to use linens and cook fine food for a change.

Well of course I can’t ever do anything “fancy” without there being some sort of mishap… These glasses were my Mee Maw’s. I love them, they remind me of drinking orange juice at her kitchen table in Jackson, Mississippi.

I had filled both of these glasses with ice, when I dropped an ice-cube. I simply held both glasses in one hand so I could use the other hand to pick up the ice-cube. When I went to grab the top glass with the other hand, I realized they were wedged together. What the heck? They were totally stuck together… After trying to pull them apart using soapy water, I finally just set them aside so I could refocus on getting brunch ready before our guests arrived.

I planned to start with a Roasted Fig & Rosemary spread with goat cheese. I’ll share the recipe for this a little later, it was delicious. My girlfriend gave me the figs from her huge fig bushes in her backyard. Can you imagine? Fresh figs in your very own backyard? HEAVEN.

I made Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese & Basil Penne. I made this the night before and chilled, then I allowed the pasta to return to room temperature before brunch.

I pretty much could have bathed in this. It tasted like summer. I don’t really think of butternut squash as a summer vegetable, in this dish it was light and cheerful and sweet against the chalky goat cheese.

Man I’m glad I have left-overs in the fridge for lunch today.

And the main dish was Salmon Cakes with a Lemon & Caper Dipping Sauce.

Did I mention that I fried these in olive oil and butter? Um… yeah. I didn’t say this was low-fat did I? It was just GOOD.

And speaking of GOOD…

My girlfriend dished up this evil, horrible, addictive cake.

Do you see the hint of that evil smile? It’s there… she knows what she is about to do. She is about to feed me the most delicious Paula Deen recipe I think I’ve ever had. It was sugary, orangey, cream cheesey, buttery deliciousness.

I had seconds. And later in the night I had thirds. I know, I’m glutenous…but it’s a Paul Deen recipe. And my girlfriend is a great cook. And…it was GOOD.

Her husband is so sweet. He didn’t make fun of us at all for eating seconds of the cake.

He also didn’t give her a hard time for following the Sauvignon Blanc with a shot of Gentleman Jack. Oh? Was I not supposed to mention the liquor???

Aint no brunches at my house without some booze ladies and gentleman… that’s what makes the food taste so good!

Now before any of you say anything, let me just acknowledge the obvious.

Yes, that is 2 men, a baby and some dead deer.

Heavy, audible sigh… My husband doesn’t ask for much. He likes red meat often, he only drinks Coca-cola brand Coke, he wants his uniforms hung dry rather than using the dryer, and he wants his deer heads in our home.

I fought, begged, cried and even demanded that there be NO dead deer in my home. Alas, there they are… Anyway, I thought that Ms. O did not need to be subjected to these manly things, so I rescued her.

Little girls with embroidered watermelons on their skirt should be kissed and cuddled. This is a heinous photo of me, but she is so darn cute I had to share.

Check out those lashes. She had just finished eating squash…she loves squash. And I love her.

Finally, I’d like to ask for a moment of silence.

After freezing, super heating, soap, oil, twisting, pulling, clanking, clunking… the bottom glass finally broke.

And now, brunch at my house is complete. Food was great, booze was good, company was joyful, and I broke a glass. All is right in the world.


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4 thoughts on “Brunch

  1. Kayla on said:

    I was just warning my girls about stacking glass glasses recently because of my sad tale with glass glasses. I was in high school at a very first sleep over at a new friends house – in my Eddie Haskell-ness, I pretended to be the ideal teenager and offered to help set the table for dinner. Yes, I too stacked their glass glasses (boy…say glass glasses a few more times, will you, Kayla?) Anyway….mine got stuck too – I pulled, tugged, etc. trying to be inconspicuous and I noticed the mom watching me with a little smirk on her face…and then the glass exploded….all over the table, the butter and the mom! Yup, I was a big hit!!!! I feel especially bad for you because yours had history – I think mine were just regular ones….but, to add to my humiliation, I broke out in sobs because I felt so stupid….then of course, felt even more stupid for crying in front of my friend and her parents….luckily she had no really cute older brothers I could have ended my chance with….just a little sister.

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    Do you know the name of the cake recipe? I have all of Paula Deen’s cookbooks so it is bound to be in one of them. Sorry about Mee Maw’s glass.

  3. I love the deer head photo!! I think every hunter’s wife deals witht his at one time or another! 🙂

    And that is one cute baby…I like the pic of her touching your face. So sweet.

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