Butterflies don’t count as a bug

I hate bugs!

While we were in DC my kid sister wanted to go to the butterfly garden at the Museum of Natural History. My pulse quickened and I had a lump in my throat, but being the older, wiser sister…I couldn’t let her see my fear. Relief came when we found out that tickets were required to attend the butterfly garden, and darnit, we didn’t have tickets. Shew.

Hours pass, we visit many exhibits inside this huge and beautiful museum. Then, across the room, leaned against a large glass wall encasing a buffalo, my husband notices 3 tickets. They were butterfly exhibit tickets for 2:45pm, just 20 minutes from the current time. Said in a completely and totally sarcastic tone, wow…great…that’s just awesome.

We looked around to ensure we weren’t stealing someone’s tickets. My guess is a family got the tickets, but their kid couldn’t endure the museum any longer, so rather than letting the tickets go to waste they set them out for another lucky museum goer. Wow, lucky me.

When I’m nervous 2 things happen.

1. I get quiet.

2. I sweat.

Both of these things happened. Did I mention that I hate bugs? Blech. Their nasty little stick legs and their hard little shell of a body. I just don’t like em.

As we enter the garden, there is a very nice man who explains that the garden is very warm because the butterflies love warmth. And it’s very moist because that helps keep the butterflies healthy. And the butterflies love soap and perfume, so if they land on you they just want to smell you.

Wait, they’re going to land on me? No no no no no no. A little boy in our group says, “I don’t want no bubberfly on me,” and he stomps his foot. I’m with him! I don’t want no bubberflies on me neither. But the host tells us, if a butterfly does land on you, don’t hit it! Just go to the host and he’ll brush it off for you.

Great, as I type this a commercial about pest control is on TV and it makes it look like a cockroach crawling across the screen. Oh how I hate this ad. And I hate bugs.

But I have to say, I had an awakening in the butterfly garden. I realized that butterflies don’t count as a bug. I know technically they are insects, but they are so pretty and soft and fragile. I just can’t focus on their bug-like bodies because then I’ll get all weirded out and run for a can of bug spray.

But I made friends with the butterflies, they were just lovely.

The lighting in the garden was super bright. I never did perfect my film speed. It was kinda tough photographing these little guys, they like to flit around a lot.

Thankfully no butterflies landed on me, I was as tense as a piano string so I’m sure they sensed my nervousness. But they seemed to adore my husband.

See the little guy on his shoulder? He was so sweet, he stuck around on his shoulder the whole time we were in there.

Then one landed on his shoe. At this point I was getting a little jealous…do I stink? Why don’t they want to land on me? Of course they’re like little kids and dogs, they just loooooove my husband. Not that I’m bitter…

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to tour the butterfly garden. It was the highlight of our visit.

Okay, this guy is a little too buggy for my liking. I’m getting nervous again…


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5 thoughts on “Butterflies don’t count as a bug

  1. Pat Luther on said:

    A couple of years ago we took my grandson to a butterfly garden and had a small problem convincing him he shouldn’t try to catch the butterflies. We finally got him to hold his arm real still and a butterfly landed on it. We got a cute picture of him and the butterfly to take home to his parents. It was great watching him and the beautiful butterflies.

  2. linda on said:

    Great butterfly pics! There used to be a butterfly habitat at Callaway Gardens–there may still be.

  3. Janice on said:

    Alex – Excellent photos – thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Oh wow! Those are just beautiful! and I’ve heard the same thing from other people about the heat…lol

    Sounds like frizzy hair waiting to happen to me 🙂


  5. Mary on said:

    Ohhh, I didn’t pick up on the fact that you were scared!!! You should’ve said something – if you’d asked me if I wanted to go to a cockroach garden, I would’ve said “Umm, no thanks, I’ll pass.” Sheesh! The pics turned out to be great, though!

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