My Mee Maw

I am so lucky to have had my Mee Maw.

This photo was taken in 1974 of me and my Mee Maw. For those of you that haven’t seen me discussing my Mee Maw, she was a wonderful and quirky grandmother.

When I was 13, my Paw Paw passed away and Mee Maw left her home in Jackson, Mississippi to live with us in Fayetteville, Georgia. She was my mother’s mother, which meant she was my father’s mother-in-law. All I can say is that my dad was one brave man to have his wife, 2 daughters and his mother-in-law all in the same house.

Mee Maw was very hard of hearing. She had 2 hearing aids that would squeal and squeak all the time. My friends would all be shocked when I introduced them because I would have to yell at the top of my lungs, “MEE MAW. THIS IS MY FRIEND PAIGE.”

She would reply, “Well Pam, it’s nice to have met you.”


And Mee Maw would just smile and shake her head. I knew she hadn’t understood me…but she didn’t want to go over it anymore. Okee doke.

Mee Maw would forget that she was the only one in the room that was hard of hearing and say things at full volume that probably should have been whispered. Like the time we were on vacation, having breakfast at a beach-side restaurant. A couple with a hippy-style walked by with their young son. Mee Maw says in her full volume, everyone within 100 yards can hear her, stage whisper, “THAT SURE IS A CUTE LITTLE BOY TO HAVE SUCH SKUZZY PARENTS.”

Oh my…. we would all jump and put our fingers to our mouths to show her she had been too loud. I would giggle, I just loved my Mee Maw. Everyone around us would giggle and pass my parents the look that says, “we understand”.

One time she came to visit me while I was in college.

She proudly wore this t-shirt that read, “Georgia Southern Grandma”. I have this photo in a little frame in my living room. I look at it often because this is how I remember Mee Maw. Her cute little smile that says ‘ I’m proud of you’. Her big ol’ glasses. She was so cute.

We went out to eat there in Statesboro at what was the nicest restaurant in town…the Beaver House. As we waited to be seated, Mee Maw leans over to me and practically yells, “I WISH YOU COULD SEE THIS WOMAN BEHIND YOU. SHE IS WEARING RED FROM HEAD TO TOE, EVEN HER LIPSTICK IS TOO RED.”

Man I can’t wait to be 80-something and say whatever pops in my mind!

As much love as I had for my Mee Maw, she had even more for me. I went to college in 1992, I would regularly get cards from Mee Maw and my parents saying that they missed me. But this one from Mee Maw just had a special feeling to it…she was really missing me.

And I was really missing her.

So I pulled out my favorite stationary…

What? This stationary was NICE back in the day. I reserved this for special letters only.

I particularly like how I told her that my friend and I were “having the most fun decorating, cooking, and entertaining friends and family.”

Let me translate, “We made curtains out of a shower curtain and duck tape, regularly cook ‘Stank’, which is what we called flank steak, because it is cheap. And we have had many parties where my cousin attends who is my same age…so she counts as the family we’ve been entertaining.”

I really did love her more than anything else in the world. She was my biggest fan, she adored me, she thought I was funny, she always told me I had the prettiest shoulders…and odd thing to think is pretty, she is a part of me. And I do feel so blessed to have known her.

Every time I use a dish that was hers, or see something that I know she would have commented on in her too-loud voice, I have nothing but fond and warm feelings.

Now…for a bit of levity. My parents also regularly sent me cards and letters while I was away at college. I happened across this one looking for my letter from Mee Maw and I thought it was exactly what I needed after shedding a few tears.

I should tell you that my dad is absolutely notorious for finding the best cards. I can’t even imagine where he finds the hilarious cards he sends to all of his family, but they are always the craziest, funniest spirit-lifting cards you’ve ever seen.


I have a great family… each one of them is so funny and silly and we all love one another so much. Mee Maw was the perfect addition to our crazy gang.


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7 thoughts on “My Mee Maw

  1. Awww…the letter from your Mee Maw brought tears. Grandmas are just the best, aren’t they? That unconditional love can’t be beat. And your dad is TOO funny! Great post!

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    Those of us that knew Mee Maw really miss her too. She was a true “Southern Belle”. She always had something nice to say whenever we saw her.

  3. Kayla on said:

    This made me miss my Gramma and makes me extra sad that we have had to move away from my kid’s grandparents, so they can’t have this kind of relationship with them! You post also made me think how sad it is that people don’t “write” to people anymore – e-mails, blogs, etc., but there really is something special about seeing someone’s handwriting isn’t there?

    Love the card from you dad and absolutely CANNOT ever imagine getting one even remotely similar from my dad! You have been blessed, girl!!!

  4. Janice on said:

    I agree w/ Kayla about handwritten letters being special, especially these days. A former student & I have maintained a “letters only” friendship over the last several years. Even though e-mail & FB are available, we both love seeing that welcome envelope in the mailbox with news about each other’s lives over the past few weeks. My young friend is very creative which means my cards/envelopes are most often lovingly handmade – what a blessing!

  5. Carla on said:

    Alex, I love this post. It made me cry and laugh and you cannot get much better than that. Your MeeMaw knew exactly what you were all about which is why she was so proud of you.

  6. linda on said:

    Mee Maw would have loved your blog, but would never have been able to access it because another quirk of hers was selective confusion. She could follow a complicated pattern to make a dress, but could not operate a VCR. She was a “life master” in bridge, a complicated game, but could not start a fire in the barbecue grill. You get the idea. But she did adore you and your sister!

  7. Barbara Brown on said:

    The letter from your grandmother is great and the card from your dad was terrific. I can tell that you had a lot of love and support while you were growning up, that is wonderful. Barb.

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