Funny things I’ve overheard

1. At the pool.

Child A: “Moobies” means man boobies.

Child B: My Daddy has those!

My husband: My moobies are mostly muscle, except for like half an inch.

I just shook my head and thought that’s one to throw in the mental file for future reference.

2. In the grocery store.

Mother: Do you want dill pickles or sweet pickles?

Child: I don’t even care Mom.

Mother: Well, I’m only buying one, so don’t complain when you want one or the other and we don’t have it.

Child: MOM! Remember? I don’t even eat pickles!

Mother: Oh yeah, I forget which kid eats what. So does your brother want dill or sweet?

Child: I’m sure he doesn’t want either one, he’d want cookies.

Sneaky little devil!

3. Again, at the grocery store.

Kids are getting in and out of the cart that’s made to look like a little car.

Mother: GUYS! I told you to choose, in or out of the car. I’m not dealing with y’all getting in and out all the time.

Son: But Mom, Cassey just farted in the car! I had to get out!

Mother: Cassey, get out of there. That’s it, no more car.

Daughter: Mom, I gotta fart again. You want me to do it in the car or should I get out first?

I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I laughed out loud.

Mother: And I wondered why my mom stopped with only one child…

Have you overheard anything funny lately???


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6 thoughts on “Funny things I’ve overheard

  1. I don’t know which one of those is funnier! Love the whole post :O)


  2. I’m sitting here wondering how many people have laughed at conversations I’ve had with my daughter at the grocery store! Cute post.

    Moobies, huh? I guess I’ll have to get hip with the “lingo” these young whippersnappers are using nowadays. 🙂

  3. those are great, esp the last one! I recently told my 6 year old daughter that rolling her eyes at a reprimand was not tolerated. Her response was “I wasn’t rolling my eyes, I was just looking around in a circle”. riiiiiiight.

  4. My sister and I were in a fabric store, and we noticed a family with a small child. The mom and dad were trying to pick out fabric, and the boy was trying to get his dad’s attention. At one point, I overheard the dad whisper, “Don’t bite there,” as he gently pushed the child away from his … ahem … crotch area. I peered around the bolts of fabric and saw the child, who was still being ignored, lean his little face into his dad again. This time, not only did the volume rise, the octave did too. “DON’T BITE THERE!” The child? Got what he wanted. And us? We made a beeline to the other end of the store while we laughed our butts off.

  5. I remember those days. Now I have teenagers.

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