I’m packin’

That’s right… I’m packin’.

I’ve been packin’ this little number all my life. It’s gotten a little bigger as I’ve grown, but it’s always served its purpose.

As a child I used this gun to protect all the girls from the grimy boys on our block.

As a teen, just showing off my gun would make others laugh. I’m pretty sure it was a nervous laugh because as a teen I got all gansta with my gun.

Gangsta, meaning I held my weapon sideways like the tough guys do in the movies.

When I hold my gun gansta style around my husband he always tells me that this is not an appropriate way to shoot a weapon. I remind him that it’s just a finger gun, it’s seriously okay if I have poor form.

I should warn you, the following photos are graphic.

Nash the dog sees the gun and immediately begins pleading with me.


I tell him there’s no need to beg, my mind is made up.

There’s a still in the air…

Nash assumes his fate.

He know’s what’s coming.


Dog down.

Nash is a fabulous actor, he rolls around a bit for effect.

As usual, I’m a perfect shot with my double-barreled finger gun.

I move in to check his vitals.

Not that I think there are any vitals in Nash’s gums, but I thought it would be a funny picture.

I guess even after a shot that knocked him down, Nash still loves me as proven by the little kiss he sneaks in.

I need to work with him on staying still after I shoot him. This is a trick he has almost perfected, as soon as I make the shooting noise Nash flops over. He’s so smart…

See, and y’all thought I wasn’t a thug…hmph, guess I showed you.


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3 thoughts on “I’m packin’

  1. MommytoThree on said:


  2. Kayla on said:

    Too funny! And I noticed that Nash has very nice teeth….no plaque or yellowing around the gums!

    • Well, Nash chews trident after every meal. Ha…I do use the doggy treats for plaque control, it seems to work for both dogs. The wiener has decent teeth too and my vet said wieners usually have bad choppers. So I guess the treats work!
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