Mornin’ Coffee

Looking at this photo you’re probably thinking…great, another dog post. Or maybe you thought…what a terrible photo, she cut off the dog’s head.

The purpose of this photo is to share with you how my morning started. I had just poured myself my first cup of coffee. I allowed it to cool a bit on the table by the couch as I watched the news to see what’s happening in the world.

Finally, my morning routine is about to truly begin. Ahhhh, my first sip of coffee.

Nigel is resting on the arm of the couch which he has now claimed as HIS place on the sofa.

I have the coffee in my hand, pulling the mug towards me to take my first sip. Then Nigel lifts his head, knocking the bottom of the mug, spilling coffee all over himself.

Okay okay okay…panic. I was worried he was burned. Did it hurt him?

Nigel didn’t even budge. He just licked the little bit of coffee that splattered in front of his nose.

So…I got my camera. See just beneath his belly how the coffee just pooled around him? His fur acted like a sponge. When I picked him up there wasn’t even any coffee hardly left on the sofa.

But of course, Nigel now smells like a latte. (Which I would argue is better than his normal frito smell).

Have a happy Friday!

 I need to go make myself another cup of coffee…


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