Dinner for who?

We decided to have a typical, rainy Saturday afternoon… We went to the movies!

We saw “Dinner for Schmucks”.

Without giving anything away, the concept of the movie is that by bringing the biggest dork to dinner…you win.

And Steve Carell plays the dork.

Paul Rudd, whom I haven’t seen in what seems like forever, was the lead in this film, along-side Carell.

My husband and I both laughed out loud at several scenes. The humor could be a bit quiet, which I really enjoyed. Most of it is slap-stick, but it was the smarter little jokes thrown in there that had me belly laughing.

There are a couple of raunchy comments, but for the most part it was just funny.

And in the end, the message is sweet and sincere and the good guys win. Everyone loves a happy ending!

Now for the bad news… I bought a Diet Sprite to sip while I dined on Gobstoppers. Well, I opened the bottle of soda and nearly doused the lady in front of me. The cola was spewing out so fast I didn’t know what to do except get it to the floor. So I sat in a sticky puddle of Sprite the whole time and didn’t have anything to drink to wash down all the Gobstoppers I was chomping. It was really sad…do you feel really bad for me?

And then I had to run to the ladies room after the movie…I don’t know why since I was parched, but none-the-less I did. As I was washing my hands, the faucet had a stray spray.

Do you know what I mean by that???

Allow me to illustrate…

The sink on the left successfully distributes its spray of water directly into the basin of the sink.

The sink on the right however delivers a large stream of water…not into the basin…rather directly on the shirt of the movie theater patrons.

And no I do not wear my pants that high, nor do I have a witches nose, but I am not an artist. Per se. Perhaps I am an artist with an eclectic method… yes that’s it.

Anyhoo, the movie was thumb’s up. The Gobstoppers were deelish. The Diet Sprite was obviously shaken by a bratty little teen movie theater employee who was jealous of my extreme beauty and natural artistic skills. And the stray spray sink was just the icing on the cake.

Now, I must continue working on my art. (If by art you mean sitting on my fanny in front of the television).

I bid you adieu.


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