My practice shots

I’ve been learning how to use my camera (Nikon D80). I play with aperture and shutter speed, ISO, auto-focus and manual-focus. I only have a single lens right now, an 18-55mm lens. This does limit the shots I can take requiring large aperture, but it has been fun to figure out ways to use the light from the windows to back-light certain objects. The results are so different…

For the candy above, the light coming through the jar is really pretty. The color of the gum balls is dulled since it is back-lit, but I love the way the cut glass in the jar is sparkling. And I love the small reflection just beneath the jar.

I should also mention that all of these images are unedited. I wanted to share the raw image as I took it.

I love the texture on this cantaloupe, but realized with such a large, dense object…back-lighting doesn’t do much to accentuate its beauty, but the natural light in the room is what I like. I like seeing the shadows in the texture of the melon.

I wish I had repositioned myself to the side to see what happened to the texture when the light was more direct. I may do that tomorrow…

With the newspaper, the light carries well all the way to the edge of the comics. It makes the colors seem so bright, alive. I was a bit surprised that the edge near the camera was so colorful. This shot taught me a lot about how light travels…the paper was so reflective that it carried the light much further than I expected.

I love this photo, it’s my favorite. I did actually spill the candy as I put them in the candy bowl…so I just left them there for the photo. I focused the lens on the candies poking over the top of the bowl, which I thought turned out to be an interesting perspective.

I love the light  showing beneath, highlighting the little feet on the bowl. And of course I like all of the color.

I am obviously a beginner. If any of you are experienced photographers…please please please feel free to comment with suggestions for improvements. I see comments all the time about photos not being “technically correct”, I honestly don’t even know what that means. I am trying to learn how to make images beautiful and interesting, I don’t know that I’ll learn how to be a technical pro, but I have enjoyed thinking about a shot before taking it.

I read that if you learn what to expect from light, you will have learned how to take beautiful photography. Sharing a sequence of my tests with light has been fun, but more importantly I learned a lot. I’ll keep practicing and sharing my learnings as I go.


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2 thoughts on “My practice shots

  1. I think if you like the photo then it’s correct.
    However, it is fun to learn all the different ways to manipulate light. Even adjusting white balance can create totally different looks.
    check out Greg from Photo Pathway on my site. He has tons of excellent info.

    Kudos to you for playing! We all need to play more.

  2. Hey I am a beginner too, had my camera for about a year, and been blogging about my learning experiences, so you might find something useful.

    Regarding your candy shots, you might set it up again, but this time try using a bit of flash to light up the front as well? Photography is all about the capture of light and light on the subject, but sometimes it isnt there naturally but its totally OK to add it in when it isnt 🙂

    Have fun playing!

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