My first craigslist posting

How many of you are craigslist experts?

Well…I’m still fairly new to this wonderous world of anything you need or want only 3 clicks away at a low, low price.

I did buy a dresser on craigslist a few months ago. It worked out well. My parents bought shelves for their garage, again, it worked out well. And the big purchase I made recently that has worked out tremendously was a Nikon camera. I got a great deal, and a guy that won a prize at work that he would never use made a bit of cash. Win, win!

So…I finally decided to try the other side of craigslist. I would try selling something.

I bought these gorgeous David Yurman earrings a couple of years ago. Back in the days when I got a paycheck, when I dressed up for work every day, back in the days when I would have actually worn these earrings.

Now-a-days…I don’t think these earrings really look good with my shorts and flip-flops.

And actually, I only wore these one time. To a big meeting I had in LA. I bought them right before my trip, and wore them on the flight to LA (4.5 hours). Then to the office for my meeting (another hour). Then during the meeting (4-5 hours). Then I flew home that night (4.5 hours). All told…I had these earrings in for 20+ hours.

These are heavy earrings. Too heavy to wear for 20+ hours…

I didn’t want to wear them again for while.

Which means they sat in my jewelry box for more than a year now, and I just don’t wear them. So I thought maybe someone else would enjoy getting these beautiful earrings at a discount.

Then they can wear them to the office.

Or to a wedding.

Maybe they stay home and just dress up more often than I do.

Some women don’t mind heavy earrings, so she could just wear them every day.

I love these earrings. I love David Yurman.

But you see…I also love these boots. And I will wear them ALL the time this fall and winter. I want them really really really really really really bad.

So…if I sell these gorgeous earrings that I never wear, I can make enough money to buy these boots.

And maybe these too…

Oh yeah, and a whole new wardrobe that is casual enough for a stay at home wife yet cool enough to wear with these shoes.

Oh, and some new earrings to go with my new wardrobe and shoes!

Man, I need to find some more stuff to sell…

And maybe I need a job.


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4 thoughts on “My first craigslist posting

  1. I LOVE those shoes!
    I’ve had great selling success on ebay. I always feel like people use Craig’s List when they want something cheap
    HOWEVER, my son had great success selling off his possessions before moving to another state.
    Good Luck. They are gorgeous.

  2. I too would happily trade heavy earrings for swank boots! And I love the shoes, Sofft is one of my favorite brands.

  3. tina paschal on said:

    I’m interested in these earrings if they are still available.

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