Let’s talk china…

Is there any better thrill than dishes?

I can’t be the only one that adores china, porcelain, pottery…all things “dishes”.

Seriously, could you serve hot dogs on these plates?

That’s my goal…to only have china in my home that I would be willing to use for service of fresh, beautiful food.

Not really, I’d totally serve chicken fingers on that plate.

As beautiful as these are…I’ve never used them.

I remember my grandmother pulling out her pretty china cups and saucers to serve coffee in her Jackson, Mississippi living room. A neighbor would visit, or my great-aunt, and out came the fine china.

If you visit me, I will proudly serve you sweet tea in a Tervis Tumbler. (If you’re not familiar with these, they are plastic, sweat-free, dishwasher safe cups. And they ROCK!)

But these dessert plates should really be used more often.

And by more often, what I really mean is that I should seriously get the stickers off of them and actually USE them.

They are beautiful, but these were made to be used. Right? I don’t think they were designed to just sit in my cabinet, yet that’s all they’ve done.

That’s it, I’m using ’em!

I’m gonna serve chili out of these bowls. Maybe oatmeal or macaroni.

My husband will gobble down his chicken and dumplings from this bowl.

Wait…he broke a wine glass last night. And then exclaimed, “I cleaned it all up really well I promise. You don’t even have to check behind me!”. I did check behind him because I’m totally uptight like that. There was red wine on the lamp shade. And the curtain. And the carpet. And the table. Sigh.

Maybe he can continue to eat his chicken and dumplings from a less fine, less expensive bowl. One that if it is broken won’t make me cry.

It is lovely isn’t it? Wedgewood India is the pattern. I have 4 place settings, which I really should use occasionally.

Let’s deem this “Use your china” week!!! Are ya with me?


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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk china…

  1. If I had china, I’d TOTALLY use it! But alas, my fine china is from Walmart. That’s such a sad sentence for me to type.

    Also, I think it’s funny that he says you don’t have to clean up after him and then you find a whole bunch of mess. He’s like a cute little kid. But don’t tell him I said that. Because I’m sure he’s very manly and I wouldn’t want him to get a complex.



  2. Those dishes are beautiful….they are classy and refined….they remind me of something that would be used at a bed and breakfast….or a tea house….or something!!!

    I have been thinking about selling my china ….we need the money now that I am staying home….AND, we never, ever use it. Mine is just white with sort of raised up calla lillies around the edge….not nearly as pretty as yours!!!!


  3. Janice on said:

    Alex, I say use the china! I spent many years wishing I had Fiesta Ware, but w/ growing boys, my mantra was “but what if something gets broken!” One day while talking w/ a friend we commented on what could be on our tombstones. Mine obviously was “she always wanted Fiesta”. The next week I purchased my first 4 place settings and have never looked back. We use them everyday [even w/ three big guys now] and each time I reach for a bowl or dish, the colors bring a smile! Yes, there has been breakage [that would be by the girl(me) in the house – oops:)] Your china is beautiful, you should use it, the smiles will last!

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