Holeman & Finch

We had a great dinner at a restaurant in Atlanta called Holeman & Finch Public House.

For any of you that keep up with the foodie scene, you’ve probably seen this name a few times. This little neighborhood “pub”, as it deems itself, has become notorious for their exceptional cocktails and old-school style of food preparation.

I’ve been here once before and loved the social aspect of the menu. It is designed to encourage sharing plates, which just elicits chatter amongst friends as they try each item.

But to me…the hand-crafted cocktails are the highlight.

I had the “Dastardly Deed”, which is a Kettle One based martini (on the right) that is mixed with Opal Basil and simple syrup. It is the most interesting and distinctive drink I’ve ever had. Loved it!

Holeman & Finch is also famous for its open kitchen where hand hung sausages are expertly displayed with local cheeses for a beautiful presentation.

If you’re ever in Atlanta I highly suggest that you try this restaurant. It is in the heart of Buckhead, for those of you not familiar with Atlanta, this is just north of downtown Atlanta. It’s a great shopping area totally filled with trendy restaurants and great people watching!

And if you’re not in town, the inspiration I’ve taken from dinner is that I want to serve this more social type of dinner. It is “family style”, but by having several, simple plates of food it allows everyone to try a little of everything. To try things that they may not normally eat.

We tried sliced duck tongue. It wasn’t good to me…but I’m glad I tried it. And our whole dinner wasn’t based on this, it was one simple element of many layers of a grand meal.

I wish I lived closer because Holeman & Finch could easily be my comfortable pit stop for dinner every week.

Have fun with dinner and friends this weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Holeman & Finch

  1. Looks good. Tell me everything that is on the wood plank though….I recognize the bread….and was one of those the duck? Honey? Mustard or something? Do the menu items come with directions for hicks like me? I am always afraid to order new drinks….I don’t drink much…or often….so when I do splurge I am afraid of ordering something I won’t like and wasting the money! Good for you for being courageous enough to try new food and new drink!!!


  2. We head into Atlanta off and on and would love to try this place. Is it expensive, mid-range, etc. Is it downtown by CNN area, what is the street name if you recall it. Thanks so much!! This sounds like a definate must do.

    • Hi Deb. Oh you should try this place for sure! It has been in every foodie magazine I read for their food and cocktails. It is in the heart of Buckhead (CNN is downtown), so about 10 minutes north of downtown. Their website is http://www.holeman-finch.com/ where you can find address and phone. It’s a really fun place. If you don’t want to wait 2 hours, get there by 6:30!

  3. Thanks, I will ck it out online and make it a stop the next time we cruise into Atlanta. We live in Greenville, SC about and drive into Atl for something or other a few times a year. It’s a fun place and just about 2 hrs away. A fun day trip for stuff! : ) We just went to see the Coke building and military members get in free!!! Just an FYI!
    Any fav’s I should try at the restaurant??

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