Love for Mason jars…

I know most of us are fans of The Pioneer Woman, and if any of you are anything like me you probably read her everyday.

Well today she did a post about all the different ways she uses mason jars. I too am a lover of jars, and canning, and multi-use containers in general.

As a matter of fact, I posted a photo of a mason jar I use for candy just a couple of weeks ago…

I really do share PW’s love of the ol’ glass canning jars.

While I was in DC in July, we went to the National Museum of American History. I was surprised to see an entire case devoted to the history of the mason jar.

A few facts that I found interesting:

There is no “Mason” branded jar. Most glass canning jars are either Ball or Kerr brand.

Mason is the name of the inventor, John L. Mason, who is credited with the invention of the threaded zinc cap  in 1858. (In other words, the lid that did away with the use of messy and dangerous hot wax that was previously the only form of sealing jars).

Mason jars are also known as fruit jars, canning jars, or ball jars.

The Ball company is not owned by the Ball family.

I love these jars because of their durability. I’ve had the same jars for several years.

And my girlfriend Colleen is the master canner! She cans everything from homemade and world-famous fig preserves to my husband’s favorite Hot Mama Mustard. She and I canned a lot together last year.

All this talk of mason jars is getting me in the mood for canning. Maybe I’ll get off my lazy tookus and can those peppers my husband has been wanting.


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5 thoughts on “Love for Mason jars…

  1. They are just fun to have around. I remember my mom using paraffin to top off the strawberry preserves!
    City mom

  2. Canning is something that I regret not learning when I had the chance. The only thing I remember is my mom telling me how dangerous it was….risk of jars exploding….and how sick you could make people if you did it incorrectly!!!

    I do love the way the jars look though!

  3. I REALLY want to can something!! I have all the jars, the grabber thing, the pan, the garden full of tomatoes, everything but the nerve to try it!! I want to make jam, jelly, fruits, stuff!! I am just scared to death that I am going to make someone sick or worse….. I need someone to walk me through it first I think but I don’t know anyone who cans!! Everyone I know is just like me! I even have a great recipe for a yummy rum cake that you bake in the jars but can’t even bring myself to try that! It’s official, I’m a dork!! My hubby threatens to sell the canning stuff, and I always say, ” No, I’m going to do it!” He just gives me “The Look” now! ; )

    • You just gotta do it!!! Seriously, if you follow the directions, you won’t make anyone sick. The secret to a good seal is making sure the lip of your jar is really clean. Just use a clean, moist rag and wipe the lip several times until there’s no sticky bits. Then plop that lid on it, boil it and call it a day. It’s way easier than you’d think, I promise.

      1 more tip my girfriend gave me… put an old dish rag in the bottom of your canning pot. This will keep the glass jars from banging around and busting.

      And have fun with it.

  4. MommytoThree on said:

    Thanks for the tip on the dishrag! I have been using an old metal trivet, but it has seen better days – it has been boiled a million times (or so it seems)!! All I have ever made is preserves – any pointers on which veggies are great to put away this time of year?

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