Hubby does dishes

We had macaroni & cheese with dinner last night…

And yes, that’s the dish in which the mac & cheese was cooked.

And yes, that’s Nash the dog licking the dish clean.

And yes, that’s Nigel cleaning the spoon with which I served the mac & cheese.

And yes, this is how my husband does dishes…

I really can’t complain about how my husband does dishes when he volunteers to do so…

But first, do you think you can get all that dog slobber off the dishes without use of boiling water and bleach?

And second, technically, wouldn’t this be the dogs doing the dishes?

I mean look how hard little Nigel is working on that spoon. He is cleaning that thing from top to bottom.

Poor lil’ ol’ Nigel, he’s only 5-years-old, and his daddy is making him work so hard on cleaning that spoon.

Look how that guy stands on the spoon to make sure he doesn’t lose it…

He’s blind ya know.

Do you think this makes my hubby feel bad?

What I say to Nigel: “Good job bubby! You’re such a sweet lil’ wiener dog. You get a treat for all that hard work.”

What I say to Nash: “You did well too big guy. Here’s some crack, I know how much you love it.” (*We call chicken treats crack because Nash is totally addicted to them.)

What I say to Hubby: “Seriously? Look at that nasty spoon. It’s encrusted with slobber and dog hair! Gross!”

And this is how my husband gets out of doing dishes again anytime soon…


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4 thoughts on “Hubby does dishes

  1. Pat Luther on said:

    Don’t they just have a wayof “helping” so they can make sure you don’t ask them to do it again? My husband’s idea of cleaning the kitchen after a meal is loading the dishwasher (without the help of the dogs, or rinsing the dishes). This does not include rinsing the sink or wiping the counters, stove or table. His idea of doing the laundry is loading everything together so everything that was white is now pink, blue or gray. And God forbid cleaning the bathroom! You might slip and break your neck because he sprayed the cleaner but didn’t bother to rinse or wipe it off. Gotta love those helpful husbands! By the way, tell Jeremy that when you come to dinner at my house, I won’t make him do the dishes.

  2. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    I ain’t eatin’ at your place anytime soon! Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!

    • Oh Daddy…I happen to remember you letting Prissy and Scarlet lick our dishes clean and you would declare, “We don’t even have to rinse these, the dogs licked ’em clean enough to throw right back in the cabinet”. AND I remember mom asking you to please not let the dogs lick the utensils…

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