A wienie’s love

When the dogs and I go to bed, there’s a routine…

I put Nigel on the bed, where he cries and dances until I put his baby skunk on the bed with him. I then let Nash outside for a few minutes while I wash my face, brush my teeth, and take all my pills (yes I’m old enough that I actually have “pills” to take every night. Oh geez).

And usually I walk into the bedroom where Nigel has already passed out with baby skunk somewhere nearby. Last night…Nigel and skunk were really cuddling.

Have I mentioned Nigel’s loyalty?

He really is a dog that commits himself fully to loving…no adoring his babies, his mommy, his daddy. My husband says all the time that Nigel is so filled with love.

He also has some venom when it comes to sharing treats, or sharing babies, but other than being mean to his brother on occasion, he is the sweetest animal in the world.

My husband is not the guy you would typically think would love a little, yappy dog like Nigel. You see, my husband is a bit rough around the edges, he’s an Army Ranger, he came from a coal mining town in West Virginia, he uses cuss words, he’s moved all over the world…I wouldn’t have taken him for a little dog kind of guy.

When we first met I already had Nigel, and he was a bit territorial. But seconds after meeting this guy, Nigel was a puddle of love. All he wanted was to lick him, love him, worship him…

This story should explain the bond my man has with my dog…In 2007 my husband went to Iraq for 15 months. He didn’t get to come home for mid-tour leave until 12 months later. He kept telling me that he couldn’t wait to see Nigel. He wanted me to bring Nigel with me to the airport when I picked him up.

I was afraid that Nigel’s little wienie dog brain couldn’t possibly remember my beloved after 12 long months. I warned my husband not to have his feelings hurt if Nigel took a little while to warm up. Nigel rode with me from Nashville to Atlanta, I had to leave him in the car while I ran in to meet the flight. I was shaking with anticipation, and Nigel could feel it because he kept sneaking over to the armrest so he could lick me.

 I rushed my husband out of the airport, as I didn’t want to leave my little baby in the car too long. I reminded him as we neared the garage, “Honey, he may not remember you, so don’t get your feelings hurt…”. I opened the door, put Nigel’s leash on him, set him on the ground, he turned to see my husband…

I should note that this was the last month that Nigel had sight. He went blind only a few weeks later…

When he laid eyes on my husband, this primal cry came from inside of him. His little legs began to dance and dance, and he peed and peed. He was squealing so loudly that others in the garage were stopping to look at us. My big strong ranger started crying, and tried to pick Nigel up to love him, when Nigel peed like a sprinkler all over his boots.

Those two have a bond that can’t be broken. When his bladder was finally empty, Nigel and his daddy embraced and cried together. My husband’s best friend was with us at the airport, he said a few cuss words as he wiped the tears off his glasses and used the back of his hand to rid his cheeks of the evidence that he too sobbed at the sight of the love these two had for one another.

Nigel is a loyal dog. When he loves you once, he’ll love you forever.

Even if you’re just a stuffed skunk.


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8 thoughts on “A wienie’s love

  1. Love your Nigel story. What a wonderful love story between a man, a weenie dog and a skunk. Priceless. This is proof that Rangers need puppy lovin’, too! The skunk snuggling photos are so sweet.

  2. What a perfect lil guy! This post brought a smile to my face! My husband is off to the Mexico border for a year next month, nothing close to Iraq, thankfully he hasn’t had to deploy since Somalia, but I keep wondering if my pooches will forget about him, this gives me hope!

  3. Pat Luther on said:

    Knowing both Nigel and Jeremy I am sitting at my computer in tears. Jeremy is a pretty special kind of guy and I can see why Nigel loves him. We do too.

  4. I just had someone walk into my office at work and had to explain that my tears were from a story that I was reading…

  5. I have never met any of you – and I have tears in my eyes too!!! I am glad that you didn’t have your feelings hurt by the request to make sure to bring Nigel with to the airport….I probably would have been hurt and made poor little Nigel stay at home….but then I would have missed this….although I could have done without all the peeing!!!

  6. They’re both pretty special. The pictures of Nigel are really cute!

  7. Oh my. That is such a sweet story! I especially enjoy the part where Nigel peed all over his boots…and he didn’t even care. That’s why I love dogs. Now I want to hear about YOUR reunion at the airport with your hubby…you skipped that part! 😉

    Have you told us why Nigel lost his sight? If so, I missed that. Is he totally blind now or can he see a little bit?

    BTW, love the skunk. Charley has a pheasant that is his little littermate right now, too, and I think it’s so cute.

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