Squeeze them with all my heart

All that talk yesterday about Nigel, I’m sure many of you were thinking, “Where does Nash sleep?”.

You weren’t thinking that?

Well I bet you’re thinking it now!!!

When Nash was a puppy, I stupidly tried to get him to sleep in the bed with me…because I am an 8-year-old little girl at heart and really want to treat my dogs like stuffed animals and I want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them with all my heart.

Remember that cartoon? Tiny Toons… anyway, I digress…

Nash sleeps under our bed of course.

As any self-respecting Australian Blue Heeler would do.

He hates being in the bed, he gets all nervous and immediately jumps down. This is for the best as he is far too large, far too hairy, and far too stinky to be in bed with us.


So I’m headed to Nashville this weekend. YAY! I can’t wait to see my old pals. And we’re going to the lake tomorrow, nothing better than a lake day with friends. I hate that my husband has to work and won’t be joining me. But I love him for encouraging me to go without him, because as he said, “Babe you need to get out of the house.” Gee, thanks. I think.


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2 thoughts on “Squeeze them with all my heart

  1. That is so funny. Our queensland, Stormy, does exactly the same thing. She hates to be bothered when shes sleeping so as soon as you bump her, she growls and jumps off the bed. She has a dog bed she sleeps in, but if the T.V. is on or the light is on she sleeps under the bed, cuz she likes for it to be dark when shes sleeping. Those queenslands. And she looks exacty like Nash. I mean exactly.
    I love my dog.

  2. Oh my gosh, Nash is exactly like that when he’s sleeping. “Don’t touch me!”.

    How big is Stormy? Nash is huge, 74 pounds. The vet said he is by far the largest Heeler she’s ever seen. He’s probably about 5 pounds overweight, but even when he’s really lean he nears 70 pounds. (And he was over 60 before he was a year old!).

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