Lodge Factory Store

Are you all familiar with Lodge Cast Iron?

Oh my gosh, it is so awesome! They have traditional cast iron, but they also have a line of enameled cast iron that I’m in love with.

And while I loved every single enameled piece I saw…I ended up only purchasing the traditional cast iron while I was there.

I guess because I have a couple of pieces of the enameled-wear, but no traditional cast iron, I decided to go all classic while I was there.

It’s a pretty classic kind of place after all.

The factory store is in this tiny little town in Tennessee called South Pittsburg. It’s the kind of town where the flags on the light poles are in support of the high school football team. And the street names were as follows, “One”, “Two”, “Three”, “Four”, “Five”. The store was on “Five”. I absolutely loved driving down the main street which had vintage looking shops and charming eateries.

In the center of this tiny town is my nirvana. Discounted Kitchenware!!!!

I could have spent my life’s savings in this store, but I maintained some sense of control. I bought my sister a 3 Quart dutch oven for Christmas. (I already told her, so don’t worry about her reading this and blowing her Christmas surprise). And I bought myself a 10 1/4″ skillet.

That’s it…

My biggest regret…I left this little number behind.

I’m sorry Mary! (That’s my sister). I called her AFTER I left to tell her what I got her because I was so excited. She proceeded to tell me that she reallllly hopes it was the griddle pan she’d been dying to own.


Um, well, no… it’s a dutch oven. Yay! Which is like almost the same as that stupid ol’ griddle pan. You’ll love it!

Darnit, why didn’t I call her BEFORE??? Oh well.

It was super fun, and if any of you are in the Chattanooga area I would totally suggest taking a limited amount of money to the Lodge Factory Store…


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One thought on “Lodge Factory Store

  1. I love spending money and I like to look at pretty stuff. Especially in little shops.
    However, I have a ceramic stove so I have to use a certain pan.
    The enameled stuff is really cute.

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